Following Two Tragic Brightline Rail Crashes, Melbourne Officials Want To Increase Safety Precautions


When their cars collided with Brightline trains at the same railroad crossing in Melbourne last week, three people lost their lives.

Jim Kovalsky of the Florida East Coast Railway Society stated, “We are going to have problems if people are going to ignore the things that are put there to keep them safe.”

In downtown, a mile from the crossing where both accidents occurred, Brightline safety officials collaborated with the Florida East Coast Railway Society and the Melbourne Police Department to distribute rail safety pamphlets precisely one week following the second fatal collision between a Brightline train and an automobile. The goal of the initiative is to increase pedestrian and driver awareness of the risks around railroads.

More safety measures at crossings are on the way thanks to federal grant cash awarded to Brightline.

“They are putting a lot more effort into making sure everyone is secure. Melbourne Mayor Paul Alfrey stated, “We hope to be the first to receive those grant dollars.”

Two accidents resulted in three deaths. Last Wednesday, an SUV struck and killed a guy. Two days later, a train struck and killed a driver and a passenger in a pickup, dragging the vehicle 300 yards.

“We met behind closed doors with Brightline, their security staff, and the goal was to present numerous ideas. Additionally, Brightline has been working on this and has numerous options. We have a great interest in the City of Melbourne, and they have a great interest in the safety of its passengers and railroads,” Mayor Alfrey continued.

And some of those fixes will be discussed during the city council meeting on Tuesday of next week. Physical lane barriers at the intersection of those fatal crashes are already undergoing the permitting procedure, according to the mayor. He anticipates something next week.

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