Florida’s Favorite Thai Restaurant Reopens After Health Inspection Closure


Americans have always liked food from around the world, and Thai food is no different. It’s clear that Thai food is becoming more famous in the US—a 2019 study by The Splendid Table showed that there are ten times more Thai restaurants than Mexican restaurants across the country. CNN’s coverage agrees with this and focuses on how popular Thai food is becoming in the United States.

Thai food lovers in Florida, a state known for its wide range of restaurants, have many options. Rentech Digital says there are about 761 Thai places where people can enjoy a variety of Thai tastes. Two of the best restaurants are Ricky Thai Bistro in Miami and Thai Thai in Cocoa Village. Both offer unique eating experiences.

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One place in Ponte Verda Beach called Tuptim Thai stands out. This place has 4.3 stars on Google Reviews, and people love it for its “lovely” atmosphere, “friendly” service, “delicious” food, and “amazing” experience. Jacquelyn, who used to live in Thailand and loves Tuptim Thai for its authentic Thai food and friendly service, says it’s a great place to find original Thai food.

Florida’s Favorite Thai Restaurant Reopens After Health Inspection Closure (1)

On January 16, 2024, though, this well-known restaurant ran into a problem. The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation did a check and found several violations. These were grouped into three groups: basic, middle, and high priority. Basic violations included things like ice buildup and a bathroom that didn’t work.

A moderate worry was expressed about the way the food was being cooled. Even scarier, high-priority violations were found, such as keeping cold foods at temperatures above 41 degrees, using too much hand sanitizer, and having mouse droppings in important places. Because of this, Tuptim Thai had to be stopped for a while to fix these problems.

In answer to what the review found, Tuptim Thai moved quickly. On January 17, 2024, a follow-up inspection showed that everything had changed. The diner met all inspection standards and fixed any problems found earlier. This quick action made it possible for Tuptim Thai to reopen, so customers could once again enjoy its delicious Thai food.

It’s important to keep in mind that a state review only gives you a short look at how a restaurant works and may not fully show how good and compliant it is overall. Businesses like Tuptim Thai that take quick corrective actions show that they are dedicated to upholding high standards and making sure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable eating experience.

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