Florida MAN CONFESSES to CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE During Police Job Interview, Faces Life Sentence


The man, who was from Florida and had aspirations of becoming a police officer, confessed to sexually abusing his cousin during an interview for a job with the police department. He is now facing the possibility of life in jail.

According to a press release issued by the office of State Attorney Andrew Bain, Stephen Bodley, who is 26 years old, was found guilty of sexual battery on a child by a jury in Orange County last week.

“Playing sexual games” was the first time that Bodley stated the phrase in his application to become a sworn officer with the Apopka Police Department. During an interview, he brought up the crime once more.

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“The certified voice stress analysis examiner performed a voice stress examination on Bodley,” Bain stated in his statement. “During the examination, the examiner asked Bodley to expand on concerning answers he provided in a pre-test questionnaire.”

When asked to go further, Bodley acknowledged to sexually abusing a youngster many years ago. He recalled the incident and described how he had done it. According to foxnews.com, which cited an affidavit, the detectives were able to locate the mother of the victim, who stated that Bodley and the victim had a mutually beneficial connection.

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According to the newspaper, the victim, who was a female, disclosed the abuse to the Florida Department of Children and Families. She stated that the abuse occurred over several years, beginning when Bodley was approximately 14 years old and continuing until he was approximately 19 years old.

During the trial, Bodley’s attorney requested that his confession not be presented, but the judge responded by denying the motion.

On June 24th, he is scheduled to be sentenced for his crime. The conviction entails a potential term of life in prison for the offender.

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