Felony Charges for Woman After TODDLER FOUND With COCAINE in System and BLEACH ON FACE


Florida City police arrested a woman Monday morning after reporting that a 2-year-old kid tested positive for cocaine after being taken to the hospital the night before.

Stephanie Ann Johnson, 30, of Homestead, faces felony child neglect and cocaine possession allegations. According to authorities, Johnson told a detective that she picked up the child from her brother’s house in Homestead earlier Sunday and, after stopping at Wendy’s, drove him to a man’s house in Florida City to assist with cleaning.

The arrest report does not specify if Johnson is the child’s mother.

While Johnson was cleaning the bathroom, authorities claimed the guy brought the youngster in and informed her that the 2-year-old had sprayed bleach on his face and eyes.

According to the arrest report, the mother began rubbing water on the child’s face and had the man drive her and the boy to a closed Homestead health clinic, followed by an urgent care facility.

According to police, the youngster was then transferred to Homestead Hospital.

According to the complaint, a nurse at the facility informed officers that the youngster “had bumps on his nose, redness around his face” and “couldn’t open his eyes” as a result of the bleach. The toddler was also “shaking from the cocaine,” according to authorities, and was taken to Nicklaus Children’s Hospital for more care.

The youngster tested positive for cocaine, and officers discovered a baggie of cocaine in Johnson’s pocket and two empty baggies of cocaine in her purse, according to the report.

Johnson had an open case with the Florida Department of Children and Families when she was arrested, according to police.

As of Monday afternoon, Johnson was being held at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center on a $5,000 bond, jail records show.

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