Father KILLS Twin Teen DAUGHTERS, SELF: Disturbing 911 Audio Highlights Family Tragedy


A 48-year-old man shot and killed his twin teenage daughters and then himself in their Illinois home. Two 911 calls from that location were released by the police on Friday night, and the audio is distressing.

“Your holiness! The distraught mother of two, Anjum Coffland cries out to dispatchers after the tragic deaths of her daughters, Brittany and Tiffany, both 16 years old, at the hands of their estranged husband, Randall Coffland. “Oh my God! He shot me, and now my girls are dead!”

Anjum sobs uncontrollably as she recounts the deaths of her two daughters in the almost eight-minute recording that PEOPLE received. The mother, who is 46 years old, desperately cries out to the girls, hoping they will answer after her estranged husband shot her in both legs. However, this is never the case.

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Two girls were discovered inside the St. Charles condominium; one was found dead in her bedroom and the other was shot in the head on a couch. The police have determined that Randall Coffland took his own life after shooting himself in the head.

The Cofflands reportedly began living separately a few months ago, according to investigators. The couple was the subject of a domestic disturbance call last month, but police have since stated that no criminal activity occurred, leading to the release of all suspects.

He Aims at the Legs of His Wife

Randall Coffland allegedly shot his wife in the legs so that she would survive Friday’s shooting, leaving her mother to cope with the emotional fallout. “I want you to live and suffer like I did,” Coffland told his wife over the phone as he dialed 911 before she did.

In his statement to the dispatcher, he describes how he just killed his wife and two children, and then threatens to take his own life. “I am killing myself and my two girls are dead.”

Police say they have not yet established a motive for the murders.

For the majority of the 911 call, Anjum Coffland’s labored breathing is audible. While she waits for the cops to arrive, she starts to hyperventilate.

As the distraught mother sobs into the phone, the dispatcher asks her questions in an effort to ease her anxiety.

“He murdered my daughters, he murdered my daughters,” she cries out. He put a gun to my head. It’s shocking me. He took the lives of my daughters. He fucked up my girls’ lives. A lot of blood has been lost. Officers’ arrival at the residence is audible near the call’s conclusion. Before pleading with authorities to look after her girls, the wounded mother gives them details about her husband’s location.

She yells out, “My girls!” while clearly upset. Probably in the bedroom is one of them. I require that my daughters be examined. I beg you, look at my girls!

On Monday, autopsies were performed on all three corpses.

The police have reported that Anjum Coffland is currently classed as stable at a local medical institution.

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