Family Sues Covington School Board Over Tragic Loss of 14-year-old


The Covington School Board is being sued by the family of a 14-year-old boy who died after getting off a bus.

In January, someone shot and killed Amani Smith. He is now being sued by his mother for the 14-year-old’s death. It comes just a few days after Morgan Gilvin, a former teacher at Holmes High School, sued the school board, saying that school officials didn’t do enough to stop a student from making threats that killed Amani Smith.

The lawyer for Smith was not available to speak. But a closer look at the lawsuit shows that Gilvin says she told the school about the fight between Amani’s bigger brother and another student.

She says that several threats were made, but no one in charge did anything about it. It is said in the case that it “led to murder.”

Gilvin also says that an assistant director at the school told her, “Let them beat each other.”

The case also says that “History at Hughes High School knew there were guns at the school but did nothing about it.”

The family of Amani Smith is suing the Covington Board of Education for money to make up for her death.

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