Exploring New Jersey’s Dessert Scene: The Pinnacle of Pies


Desserts hold a special place in the hearts of many, with preferences often varying based on personal tastes and regional traditions. In the Garden State, however, the dessert narrative takes an unexpected turn, showcasing a profound love for pies that surpasses even the most iconic cakes or pastries. This culinary revelation prompts an exploration into the cake vs. pie debate, unraveling the sweet secrets that make pies the reigning champions in New Jersey.

Pie’s Triumph in the Garden State

While one might assume that German Chocolate Cake or cannolis would reign supreme in the hearts of New Jerseyans, the truth unveils itself when pie takes center stage. The unexpected frontrunner, Apple Pie, steals the spotlight, leaving even cobbler enthusiasts like me in the minority. Embracing the collective voice of New Jersey, it becomes evident that my subjective taste buds are no match for the widespread affection for pies.

Pitting Flavors Against Each Other

In a state that thrives on healthy competition, it’s only fitting that there exists a ranking of the best pie flavors, according to the discerning palates of New Jersey residents. Betway.com, utilizing Google Analytics, meticulously determined the top three favorite pie flavors, revealing an intriguing hierarchy that reflects the state’s dessert culture.

NJ’s Top 3 Pie Flavors

1. Apple Pie: The Unrivaled Classic

With an astonishing yearly search volume of 38,900, Apple Pie stands tall as the undisputed favorite among New Jerseyans. Its timeless appeal and versatility make it a staple in households, securing its position at the pinnacle of pie preferences.

2. Key Lime Pie: A Zesty Contender

Surprising to some, Key Lime Pie claims the second spot with a commendable yearly search volume of 33,400. While personal opinions may vary, the residents of New Jersey seem to have a collective fondness for the tangy and refreshing notes of this pie variant.

3. Pumpkin Pie: A Seasonal Delight

Traditionally associated with fall and Thanksgiving, Pumpkin Pie secures the third spot with a yearly search volume of 29,830. Despite being a seasonal delight, its popularity endures, showcasing the enduring love for this classic flavor.


In the grand debate between cake and pie, New Jersey stands as a testament to the latter’s supremacy, with Apple Pie leading the charge. As residents continue to indulge in the delightful world of pies, the dessert scene in the Garden State remains a captivating fusion of tradition, flavor preferences, and unwavering culinary passion. Perhaps, for a self-proclaimed ice cream and cheesecake enthusiast like me, a slice of Apple Pie from New Jersey could be the game-changer.

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