Ex-husband of Lauren Boebert wants her back


Jayson Boebert, Republican Representative Lauren Boebert’s ex-husband, has spoken out about his recent incident with the Colorado congressman at a restaurant, alleging that he sought to get “her back.”

On Sunday, multiple news agencies reported that Silt, Colorado, police had opened an investigation into the Saturday evening incident, in which Jayson Boebert informed police he was a “victim of domestic violence.” According to reports, the ex-husband said Lauren Boebert hit him in the face.

Boebert later stated that the confrontation was a “sad situation” and that she was working with authorities while denying any involvement in violence.

“This is a sad situation for all that keeps escalating, and it’s another reason I’m moving,” the representative stated in a statement provided to Newsweek previously. “No one was arrested because I didn’t punch Jayson in the face.” I’ll talk to my lawyer about the fraudulent charges he made against me and weigh all of my legal alternatives.”

In a long interview with Westword on Tuesday, Jayson Boebert stated that he “wish this all hadn’t happened,” adding that he had intended to tell her that he wanted to be back together.

“I should have handled it more responsibly,” Jayson Boebert said to the publication. “I mean, look how quickly it escalated. It became this enormous event when, in reality, it’s just two people trying to figure out how to live in peace with each other and how to move ahead from here. It’s simply terrible that it’s suddenly become such a big story. And I’m sure it’s hurt her.”

According to the Daily Beast, the former couple had a fight earlier in the day when the lawmaker went to her ex’s house to pick up one of their sons. Jayson Boebert later requested that they meet at Silt’s Miner’s Claim restaurant to discuss matters, and it was there that the confrontation occurred. When speaking with Westword, he elaborated on his expectations for the conversation.

“I was telling her that I wanted her back,” he explained. “She started bringing up some of the things that she didn’t like that I have done in our relationship.”

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