Ex-corrections Officer Arrested for Smuggling Contraband Into Ohio Jail


A former corrections officer was arrested quickly after the Southeast Major Crimes Task Force and the Southeastern Ohio Regional Jail worked together to look into some troubling information.

This is a very serious matter, and Sheriff Smith has confirmed that the command staff at the Southeastern Ohio Regional Jail told the Southeast Major Crimes Task Force about an important piece of evidence. According to reports, this proof linked a corrections officer to the illegal transport and distribution of illegal items inside the jail.

The Task Force quickly started a full investigation, and the proof they found supported their first thoughts. The investigation found a plan in which several prisoners used a digital currency app to send money to a corrections officer. The officer is accused of giving illegal items, such as nicotine pouches and drugs, to inmates in the facility in return for these illegal payments.

William McMillan Jr., a 24-year-old Glouster native, was named as the suspect after an investigation went well. In Trimble Township on March 14, 2024, police found McMillan and arrested him. After that, he was taken to the Athens County Sheriff’s Office to be questioned. Reports say that McMillan admitted to taking money from prisoners and giving them illegal items in exchange during the interview.

Because of the proof that was gathered and his confession, McMillan was arrested and charged with two felonies: drug trafficking (F4) and illegally bringing drugs or other prohibited items onto the grounds of a detention facility (F3). Because McMillan had worked at the Southeastern Ohio Regional Jail before, he was taken to the Muskingum County Jail for his safety.

The first time McMillan went to court was in Municipal Court on March 15, 2024. He was freed on his recognizance, but he had to wear an ankle monitor all the time. The case has now been sent to the Athens County Prosecutor’s Office to be looked at more closely and possibly face more charges.

Sheriff Smith and the Southeast Major Crimes Task Force have praised how quickly and cooperatively the police have responded to this claimed security breach at the Southeastern Ohio Regional Jail. They were investigated and then arrested, which makes it clear that this kind of illegal behavior will not be accepted. As the case moves through the court system, the community is waiting for more news.

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