Eddy County Authorities DISCOVER BODY of 23-year-old MISSING Since DECEMBER


EDDY COUNTY, New Mexico- The body of a guy who had been reported missing from Eddy County five months ago was discovered only recently.

After a human body was reported to have been discovered on Friday, May 17, deputies and detectives from the Eddy County Sheriff’s Office responded to a remote spot near the intersection of Black River Village Road and Bounds Road. The location was located in the vicinity of the crossroads.

According to the reports, medical investigators and detectives investigated the location on Friday and Saturday, and they were successful in recovering the human body. After additional investigations and an autopsy, it was determined that the individual in question was William Lee Kammerer, who was 23 years old and had been reported missing on December 4, 2023, which was five months ago.

There is a strong suspicion of criminal activity, as stated by the officials of Eddy County, and the inquiry is still underway.

“We have communicated with the family, and we express our sincere sympathy and condolences at the tragic loss of their loved one,” wrote Lieutenant Kane Wyatt. “We are deeply touched by the loss of their loved one.” We strongly encourage everyone to participate in the “Bring Will Home” Facebook page that was established by the family and to post the hashtag #bringwillhome on other social media platforms.

We strongly ask anyone who may have information on this incident to get in touch with the Detective Division of the Eddy County Sheriff’s Office by calling (575) 887-7551 or by submitting an anonymous report to Incident Stoppers through this website.

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