Discovery of Human Limbs: Investigation Unfolds in Long Island Park

(122914 Brockton, MA)Police tape and an orange cone are all that's left at the end of the driveway to the VFW post were bodies were found in the woods off North Quincy St in Brockton.

A group of teenagers discovered a human’s left arm at a Long Island park on Thursday, as reported by the police. A dog later found a leg about a mile away.

Police were summoned to Southards Park Pond, located off Siegel Boulevard in Babylon Village, just before 9 a.m. after a parent of the students who discovered the arm dialed 911. Following this discovery, the teenagers noticed a left arm discarded in the bushes.

The police did not offer any additional details about the limbs discovered. They are waiting to conduct DNA testing and examine tattoos in order to potentially identify the individual.

Investigators were exploring all potential scenarios regarding the incident, including the possibility of gang involvement.

Authorities have not disclosed whether the body parts are thought to belong to the same individual or how the person may have passed away.

“One of the students reached out to their father.” The father quickly confirmed that it was an arm on the side of the road and immediately called 911,” shared Suffolk County Police Det. Lt. Kevin Beyrer during a news conference.

Shortly after in the early afternoon, a police dog discovered a human leg under leaves in a different area of the park, approximately a mile from the initial spot and close to a nearby elementary school.

Additional Arm Discovery Deepens Long Island Park Mystery

CENTRAL ISLIP, NY – APRIL 28: Crime scene tape is still visible in an area where the bodies of four brutally beaten young men were recently discovered on April 28, 2017 in Central Islip, New York.



Later that evening, another arm was found approximately 20 feet deeper into the woods from where the initial arm was located earlier in the day, according to the authorities.

There is a pile of leaves. We are uncertain about what will be found beneath the mound. “Once we clear the mound we may find the remainder of the body or we may not,” stated Beyrer.

In a letter to parents, the superintendent of the Babylon Unified School District mentioned that students at the nearby school were kept indoors for recess during the investigation.

Mental health resources would be provided to assist students at all grade levels, and any student feeling uneasy, anxious, or scared was encouraged to take advantage of them during this time.

The letter mentioned that the investigation is not connected to any of the schools.

Throughout the day, homicide detectives were present at the scene, with crime scene tape blocking off an area typically busy with school kids, joggers, and people walking their dogs.

According to the police, it seems that the body parts were recently dumped.

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