Discovering the Best Fried Chicken in Austin, Texas: A Foodie’s Journey


During our recent trip to Austin, Texas, my friends and I embarked on a pleasant mission: to discover the city’s greatest fried chicken restaurant. Austin has a thriving culinary scene, and we were determined to find the perfect crispy, golden-fried chicken that would make an indelible impact on our taste buds.

Our adventure took us through Austin’s bustling streets as we sampled various restaurants, loving every crispy taste in our search of the ultimate fried chicken experience. Join us on this delectable journey as we share our discoveries and sample the flavors of Austin’s best fried chicken restaurants.

Lucy’s Fried Chicken (2218 College Ave)

Our visit to Lucy’s Fried Chicken in Austin, Texas, left a lasting impression on us. The ambiance was just excellent, creating an exceptional dining environment that set the tone for an extraordinary lunch.

The service was superb, adding to our total satisfaction. We were so enthralled by the menu that we ordered more than we could eat, demonstrating the appealing range of meals available.

One standout was the flawlessly cooked chicken liver, which demonstrated the kitchen’s culinary prowess. The Bloody Mary drink was a revelation, having a delicious taste profile.

Our taste experience took an intriguing turn when we first had fried deviled eggs, which left us highly impressed. The outside seating created a lovely environment, which added to the overall appeal of our meal experience. Our great meal at Lucy’s Fried Chicken has left us anxious for a return visit. It was an excellent dinner experience that we want to repeat in the near future.

Tumble22 (7211 Burnett Road)

I recently had the pleasure of dining at Tumble22 in Austin, Texas, and it was an experience to remember! If you like spicy chicken, this establishment is a must-see.

Now, I consider myself to have a rather high spice tolerance, and let me tell you that the spiciest setting available at Tumble22 was ideal for me. It wasn’t too hot, but it had the great depth of flavor that I seek in hot chicken. But here’s the good part: if you don’t like extreme heat, don’t worry! They provide lesser spice levels while still delivering a superb taste impact.

The star of the show, of course, is the chicken. It’s really wet, so every mouthful is a delicious joy. And don’t forget about the fries; they’re thin and crispy, cooked to perfection. And the potatoes on the side? They perfectly compliment the food.

To finish off this fantastic gastronomic voyage, I ate a slice of pecan pie. Let me tell you, that was the ideal way to conclude the dinner, and the value for what I received was exceptional.

Tumble22 in Austin, Texas, is now my go-to location for hot chicken, and I can’t wait to go back for another wonderful meal.

Happy Chicks (6425 Burnett Road)

My recent visit to Happy Chicks in Austin, Texas, left me really impressed! I chose the Happy Chick meal, which included a side of fries, and I couldn’t resist ordering more fries on the side.

Let me tell you, those fries were very delicious. They were crispy on the outside yet perfectly soft and juicy on the inside. What more could you ask for in a fry?

Their prompt service enhanced the overall experience; my purchase was available in no time. The personnel was not just swift, but also really nice, which made my visit much more delightful. Furthermore, the restaurant was spotlessly clean, which is usually a great benefit.

Speaking of convenience, parking was a snap. The only difference is that this location is on the smaller side, but it’s ideal for a to-go order. And believe me, they don’t mess about with the “quick” aspect; be prepared because your order will be done before you know it.

Now, the tenders meal I bought was substantial enough to split, but I’ll admit, I ate it all by myself since it was so wonderful! Oh, and don’t get me started on the sauces; they really enhanced the flavor of the dish.

Happy Chicks in Austin, Texas, won me over with their delicious meal, courteous service, and speedy turnaround. I am already looking forward to my next visit!


Our search for Austin’s best fried chicken led us to three standout restaurants: Lucy’s Fried Chicken, where the perfectly cooked chicken liver and inventive dishes wowed us; Tumble22, which served deliciously spicy chicken with varying spice levels and impeccable sides; and Happy Chicks, which impressed us with delectable tenders, crispy fries, and quick, friendly service. These eating encounters have left us yearning for more pleasurable visits.

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