Discover the Worst Neighborhoods in Orlando You Must Avoid in 2024


More than a dozen world-class entertainment parks call Orlando home, including Disney World, Universal Studios, and numerous others. There are dangerous regions and criminal activities in the city, too.

According to a variety of crime databases, Orlando is one of the top 100 riskiest cities in America. Undoubtedly, slums will exist in huge cities. Here are some neighborhood names you should keep in mind. This helps you avoid becoming a victim of crime.

1. Carver Shores

Gunshots have occurred on occasion over the last twenty or thirty years, but 1,389 people continue to believe it is safe to live there. A 7% year-on-year drop in crime is tiny. Carver Shores’ crime rate for violent offenses is 373 percent higher than the national average, with 7,783 per 100,000 people.

A crime impacts one in every thirteen people. Locals recommend avoiding dark street corners at all costs. They are exactly as they appear. No walking, particularly for women, after 9 p.m.

2. Mercy Drive

This region was the scene of some of the most horrible crimes. There were allegations of robbery, rape, murder, assault (both serious and minor), and manslaughter. Vandalism, drug sales, and vehicle theft were frequent.

Despite having a total population of 1,836, the majority of residents in this neighborhood live on a low income. Perhaps this explains why crime is so prevalent. This century had a decrease in crime, although a negative one. It decreases by slightly less than 7% per year.

The local media routinely covers targeted and drive-by shootings, although police are continually hunting criminals and patrolling the region around the clock.

The FBI reports that the overall crime rate is 409% higher than the national average, with violent offenses 763 percent higher. As a result, one out of every eight residents is likely to become a victim of crime.

3. Roosevelt Park

There may be fewer people living here than in any other neighborhood of Orlando, yet the crime rate is substantially higher than usual. While complaints about property crimes are more common, reports of crimes and murders are rare. There were 8,673 crimes per 100,000 people, with 6,666 of those being property offenses. Roosevelt Park presently has a higher theft rate than damage.

Locals’ opinions on park walks are diverse. Reason and judgment are essential. There will be no police presence after dusk. Despite a total crime rate that is 237% higher than the national average, these communities are safer than 5% of Florida’s cities.

4. Lake Mann Gardens

With a population of around 650, this neighborhood does not have a high risk of violence. Even though curfews keep the neighborhood safe and residents are typically content with the peace, there are frequent incidents of assault and theft in the area. There have been thirty cases in the last six months, according to Spotcrime, while forty-eight have been reported.

There are 5,293 crimes per 100,000 persons, which is 105% greater than the United States average. There will be 353 percent more violent crimes than projected. One in every nineteen people in this neighborhood will be a victim of crime.

5. Washington Shores

With an estimated 1,024 residents, it is a largely Black neighborhood in Orlando’s southwest. Almost every sort of crime is more prevalent in this region. Arrest, gunshot, burglary, assault, vandalism, and stealing are all crimes. Over the last six months, Spotcrime has identified over 500 documented events.

Although it may not be immediately visible, gang involvement in Orlando is undeniable. People should use caution when strolling at night, and women should go in pairs or small groups if they are visiting potentially risky regions. Violent crime in this location is 369 percent higher than the national average, despite a 7% overall decline.


In conclusion, while Orlando is well-known for its world-class amusement parks, it also has issues, with some neighborhoods having higher crime rates. Carver Shores, Mercy Drive, Roosevelt Park, Lake Mann Gardens, and Washington Shores have all seen varied levels of criminal activity, therefore homeowners and visitors should exercise caution and be cautious to guarantee their safety. Addressing these challenges is critical to the city’s general well-being and security.

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