Discover the Town in California That is Known as the “Strawberry Capital of the World”


California is a vast West Coast state with 840 miles of Pacific coastline. It is recognized for its gorgeous beaches, the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and a thriving economy. It is also the most populous state in the United States, with a population of 39,185,605. California is also recognized for its agriculture.

The state produces one-third of the vegetables and three-quarters of the fruits and nuts in the United States. California is particularly recognized for its strawberries.

According to the USDA, California produces almost 90% of all strawberries in the United States. Strawberries grow extremely well along California’s Central Coast, which runs from Ventura County to Santa Cruz County.

The Central Coast experiences a Mediterranean climate, with warm, dry summers and moderate winters. Because this location rarely experiences cold temperatures, the growth season is lengthy. California has several communities that cultivate strawberries, but one stands out as the Strawberry Capital of the World.

Strawberry Capital of the World

While numerous California locations, such as Watsonville, Santa Maria, and Oxnard, are recognized for cultivating strawberries, only one is considered the strawberry capital.

Discover the Town in California That is Known as the Strawberry Capital of the World

Oxnard in Ventura County, California, is known as the Strawberry Capital of the World. What distinguishes Oxnard as the strawberry capital? It is the largest strawberry grower in California! Its seaside location and moderate temperature make it ideal for cultivating little red fruits. Let’s look at the city of Oxnard, including its geography, temperature, and best time to visit.

Strawberry Capital of the World Location

Oxnard is located in southern Ventura County, on California’s Central Coast. Ventura County borders Santa Barbara County to the west, Kern County to the north, and Los Angeles County to the southeast.

Oxnard is located on the Pacific Ocean coast. It is located 62 miles west of downtown Los Angeles and 38 miles southeast of Santa Barbara. Oxnard is located on the Oxnard Plain, a flat coastal plain produced by Santa Clara River debris. The Santa Clara is Ventura County’s biggest river. It runs 83 miles from its source in the San Gabriel Mountains to its mouth in the Pacific Ocean, between Ventura and Oxnard. The Oxnard Plain features extraordinarily fertile soil as a result of long-term river silt accumulation.

Weather in the Strawberry Capital of the World

Oxnard Climate and Average Temperatures

Oxnard’s climate is Mediterranean, with warm, dry summers and pleasant winters. Offshore winds keep temperatures pleasant all year, making excessive heat or cold unusual. Oxnard has roughly 300 sunny days each year, so crops receive plenty of sunlight!

Discover the Town in California That is Known as the Strawberry Capital of the World

The hottest months in Oxnard are July through October. July’s average high is 72.9 °F. The average temperature in August, September, and October is 73.5 °F. Each warm month receives less than half an inch of rain. Extremely hot weather is uncommon, but it can happen. The overall record high temperature for September is 105 degrees Fahrenheit. October’s record-high temperature is 104 °F, barely behind September’s.

While July through October are the hottest months of the year, the remaining months are still rather pleasant and temperate. January is the coldest month of the year, with an average high of 65.9°F and an average low of 46.1°F. February is the wettest month of the year, with 3.26 inches of rainfall.

Oxnard Strawberry Growing Season

Strawberries are planted in the fall on California’s Central Coast because the winters are warm and freezing temperatures are uncommon. Strawberries must be grown in the spring in colder climates to avoid frost damage.

Strawberries in Oxnard are planted in September. Strawberry seedlings normally spend around six months in a nursery before being transferred into strawberry fields. Harvesting starts in November or December and continues until June or July. The early crops are often sold fresh, whilst the latter harvests are frequently frozen to preserve them.

Best Time to Visit Oxnard

Oxnard is a great spot to visit all year because of its warm weather. However, one event makes it a very intriguing destination to visit in late April. The California Strawberry Festival is held in Ventura County every year on the third weekend of May. It includes tasty strawberries, strawberry sweets, live music, art booths, activities, and rides.

The Channel Islands Harbor Farmer’s Market is another excellent Oxnard attraction. The market is held every Sunday at 2 p.m., year-round. You’ll discover the famously luscious Oxnard strawberries, as well as a variety of other produce.

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