These 10 Dangerous Neighborhoods in St. Louis You Should Avoid in 2024


While St. Louis has many wonderful elements, there are also some unsafe neighborhoods. St. Louis has a 234% higher crime rate than other cities in the United States, thus it’s a good idea to know which neighborhoods to avoid if possible.

However, don’t allow these facts to deter you from visiting the safer portions of St. Louis since there are some incredible sites and places to explore. Northern St. Louis has the most violent neighborhoods, whereas the southern areas of the city are significantly safer. Here are some of the most risky locations you should avoid.

1. Dutchtown

With a crime rate 200% higher than the U.S. average, Dutchtown is one of the more dangerous districts to avoid in St. Louis. The region has a history of poverty and urban deterioration, which may be contributing to the high crime rates.

2. Downtown West

While the crime rate in Downtown West is significantly lower than in other St. Louis neighborhoods, it is still 38% higher than the national average. With 3,241 crimes per 100,000 individuals, there’s a 1 in 31 probability of becoming a victim. Downtown West received reports of 16 burglaries, 311 larcenies, 42 robberies, and 52 assaults in 2022.

3. Downtown St. Louis

Downtown St. Louis is one of the most hazardous districts to avoid since it is one of the most violent regions of the city. Reports show there were two murders, 27 robberies, 26 burglaries, and hundreds of thefts in 2022.

4. Carondelet

Carondelet has a 196% higher crime rate than the US average. With a population of 8,588 in 2022, this St. Louis neighborhood suffered 15 robberies, 47 assaults, 41 burglaries, 165 larcenies, and 40 car thefts. The sole plus of these data is that there were no murders documented that year, although there were in prior years.

5. Bevo Mills

Because of its high crime rate, Bevo Mill has been named one of the most dangerous areas in St. Louis. It has a crime rate of 4,731 per 100,000 people, which is 102% greater than the US average. As a result, the chances of becoming a victim of a crime are one in 22.

6. Tower Grove South

Tower Grove South, located in southern St. Louis, has a 66% higher crime rate than the state average. Crimes perpetrated in this region include larceny, assault, burglary, and theft of automobiles.

7. Hyde Park

This section of St. Louis has a 428% higher crime rate than the national average. Citizens are concerned about both violent and property crime in this area, and many visitors would rather avoid it entirely.

8. Central West End

With a population of 15,762 and a crime rate of 7,217, Central West End is one of St. Louis’ most hazardous areas to avoid. It is 208% more hazardous than other cities in the United States, with a one-in-14 probability of becoming a victim of assault, burglary, homicide, or auto theft.

9. Jeff Vander-Lou (JVL

JVL is located in central St. Louis and has a crime rate that exceeds the US average by 341%. There are several crimes perpetrated in this neighborhood, including murders, robberies, serious assaults, and burglaries.

10. Gravois Park

Gravois Park is a neighborhood in St. Louis with a population of 5,567. The crime rate in this neighborhood is 323% greater than the national average, thus you should avoid it if possible. Your chances of becoming a victim of crime are 1 in 11, with a high likelihood of robbery, assault, burglary, and stolen automobiles.

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