Discover the Top 3 Best Meat Shops in El Cajon, California You Can’t Miss


Welcome to El Cajon, a community with a thriving and diversified meat culture. El Cajon has a wide range of businesses, from high-end butcheries to local favorites, to suit any meat lover’s tastes.

In this guide, ‘El Cajon’s Meat Scene: Shops You Can’t-Miss’, we’ll take you on a gourmet tour of the city’s greatest meat shops. Whether you’re a seasoned foodie or a curious visitor, be ready to explore the distinct tastes and excellent cuts that make El Cajon a must-see destination for meat lovers.”

1. Ol’ Rodeo’s Meat/Market

  • Address: 927 Broadway, El Cajon, CA 19921.
  • Phone: (619) 401-7351
  • Desc: Meat Shops

Thanks for coming to San Diego’s hidden gem in the food world, known for its great service and delicious birria. Many of our customers say that we serve the best burrito in the city, and they love the fresh, warm tacos that they can take with them. We’re proud to serve sandwiches with only the best meat, and we also have a great selection of fruits and vegetables, such as juicy mangos. Our warm and helpful staff is committed to making sure you have a great meal, which makes our restaurant a must-see for anyone seeking excellent Mexican food. Come see why so many people suggest us!

2. Brothers Market in El Cajon is an Afghan market and butcher.

  • Address: 447 Broadway, El Cajon, CA 92021
  • Phone: (619) 499-5018
  • Desc: Butcher shop, Asian grocery store, Grocery store

Find a secret gem in the city that is a haven for meat lovers and people who value quality and friendliness. This local gem is known for having the freshest, juiciest cuts, and it’s also proud of its wide range of halal meats and traditional Afghan goods. The owners’ friendly hospitality makes buying more enjoyable by making each customer feel like they are part of their family. If you’re looking for tasty lamb, perfectly ground beef, or a wide range of other high-quality goods, you can find them here at fair prices. The great customer service is what makes this place stand out.

3. Rema Halal Food

  • Phone number: (619) 588-1828
  • Address: 277 El Cajon Blvd, El Cajon, CA 92020
  • Desc: Meat processor

Welcome to this much-loved local gem, where the warm, helpful staff and polite owner will make your buying experience better. People who love food will love this store because it is known for having fair prices on meat and great Halal options. Customers are eagerly anticipating an increased selection, even though the store isn’t a one-stop shop yet. People love the store’s wide range of foods, especially the shawarma and kebabs, which some say are the best they’ve ever tried. With great customer service, it’s no surprise that people leave happy and give the business their greatest praise (A+++++).

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