Discover the Poorest Town in Ohio Has Been Revealed


In Ohio’s broad economic environment, East Cleveland has been classified as the state’s poorest community. This essay will look at the socioeconomic factors that have contributed to this situation.

We will look at the citizens’ difficulties, the town’s history, and the circumstances that have led to its current economic condition. Join us as we delve into the complexity of life in East Cleveland, bringing light to the reality of living in Ohio’s poorest community.

East Cleveland: A Town in Struggle

With a population of 14,212, East Cleveland has Ohio’s lowest median family income and ranks third in terms of poverty rates. The city’s median income is $21,699, with an unemployment rate of 19.6%, the highest in the state. Furthermore, 39.0% of the population lives below the poverty level.

Despite these challenges, East Cleveland’s cost of living is among the lowest in the state, making necessities such as housing reasonably priced.

Other Cities Facing Hardship

While East Cleveland holds the terrible distinction of poorest town, numerous other Ohio communities are also facing economic issues.

Youngstown, with 61,274 residents, has the state’s third-lowest median household income and the fourth-highest poverty rate. The median income is $31,020, and 35.3% of the population lives below the poverty level.

Cleveland, is the third poorest city, with the state’s sixth lowest median income. However, there is a noticeable economic improvement from Youngstown to Cleveland, indicating major differences in poverty rates across the state.

The Effect of Poverty on the Community

The high poverty percentage in East Cleveland has serious consequences for its citizens, impacting everything from education to healthcare. It also correlates to greater crime rates and decreased life expectancy.

Efforts for Economic Improvement

Despite the hurdles, attempts continue to improve East Cleveland’s economic situation. These include efforts aimed at increasing investment, enhancing education, and assisting low-income households.


In the end, East Cleveland faces the unpleasant reality of being Ohio’s poorest community, with a low median income, high unemployment, and a considerable poverty rate. Other Ohio cities have similar economic issues, with varied degrees of difficulty. Poverty has a major influence on East Cleveland’s education, healthcare, and general community well-being. Nonetheless, continued attempts to increase investment, education, and assistance to low-income households demonstrate a commitment to improve the city’s economic situation.

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