Discover The Best Seafood in New Jersey Found in a Very Unusual Place


When it comes to enjoying the best and freshest seafood in New Jersey, you don’t have to go on a long hunt. The Garden State is teeming with exceptional eateries, all striving for the best in seafood pleasures. Amidst this gastronomic wealth, one restaurant stands out as the best seafood place in the state.

Point Lobster: A personal favorite

For those who enjoy fresh seafood, Point Lobster is a personal favorite. The very mention of this business conjures up images of exquisite seafood dishes that have captivated the hearts and palates of numerous seafood fans.

Battello in Jersey City: A Towering Seafood Experience in Northern Jersey

In North Jersey, Battello in Jersey City stands out for its stunning seafood tower. Despite the metropolitan location, this restaurant manages to provide a seafood experience that exceeds expectations, setting a high bar for others to follow.

Blue Fish Grill in Flemington: Inland Gem of Central Jersey

Blue Fish Grill in Flemington, Central Jersey, challenges the coastal standard by providing an exceptional seafood experience despite its inland position. This hidden gem has become a must-visit for seafood enthusiasts looking for excellence in the heart of the state.

Blue Claw Crab Eatery: Southern Charm in Burlington

When visiting South Jersey, the Blue Claw Crab Eatery in Burlington stands out as the perfect seafood destination. Known for its Southern charm and scrumptious cuisine, this restaurant has become synonymous with seafood excellence in the area.

Seabra Marisqueira of Newark

Enter Eat This, Not That’s comprehensive state-by-state research, which uses data from the popular review website Yelp. The surprise outcome? The coveted title of greatest seafood restaurant in New Jersey went to an unexpected contender: Seabra Marisqueira in Newark.

While many people expect the greatest seafood to be found on the shore, Seabra Marisqueira was a pleasant surprise. This Newark cafe has wowed diners with its amazing selections, earning the distinction of the best seafood restaurant in the entire state.

According to Eat This, Not That, “so many people have told me to try octopus.” I simply can’t. “The suction cups freak me out.” Seabra Marisqueira’s distinct products have undoubtedly captivated even the most sophisticated seafood fans, making it a deserving recipient of the label “the best” in New Jersey.

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