Discover Five Most Dangerous Dog Breeds That Cause the Most Fatal Attacks


To determine the most deadly dog breeds, look at which dogs have caused the most fatal bites throughout time. Based on data collected between 2005 and 2017, we produced a list of violent dog breeds that are most likely to kill a person, making them the most deadly dogs.

Comparing this data to statistics on fatal attacks in 2021 allows us to draw inferences about which dog breeds will remain the deadliest in the future year.

1. Pit Bull

Most individuals who research hazardous dog breeds know that the pit bull is the most deadly dog. While not a recognized breed by the American Kennel Club, the term “pit bull” refers to both bulldogs and terriers rather than a specific canine breed. According to the aforementioned study, for 13 years, pit bulls were responsible for 284 deaths, accounting for almost two-thirds of all fatal dog attacks in the United States.

Discover Five Most Dangerous Dog Breeds That Cause the Most Fatal Attacks

That is a fairly disappointing number, especially given that pit bulls account for only 6% of all dogs in the United States. They were raised to be violent for decades as hunting and fighting dogs, so it is no wonder that they continue to pose a threat today.

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Pit bulls are also the most deadly dog breed because of their enormous bulk (weighing up to 80 pounds), powerful teeth, and strong killing instincts. Humans and other animals have little chance against pit bulls. Nonetheless, many individuals believe these animals are simply a result of their upbringing and own pit bulls as pets.

2. Rottweiler

Before pit bulls became known as exceptionally violent creatures, rottweilers were widely regarded as the most deadly dog breed in the world. These canines may grow to be 25 inches tall and 120 pounds or more while remaining healthy.

Discover Five Most Dangerous Dog Breeds That Cause the Most Fatal Attacks

They have huge bodies and a disposition that may become aggressive in certain conditions. Specifically, the dog will become extremely friendly and protective of individuals in its family, but this protection will not extend to guests.

Rottweilers are highly recognized for their strength, protection, and loyalty, and they may be dangerous when they attack intruders. Although Rottweilers do not pose a threat to the family, they are often ferocious when protecting their owners.

During the same era, as we mentioned with the pit bull, the rottweiler was responsible for 45 fatal attacks, accounting for 10% of all fatal assaults in the United States. Rottweilers also have a terrifyingly strong bite that they know how to employ to great advantage.

3. German shepherds

German shepherds are working canines that have been used in military and police agencies for decades. The reasons for this choice are obvious: these are strong, clever, powerful, and dangerous canines capable of inflicting fatal assaults on humans.

Discover Five Most Dangerous Dog Breeds That Cause the Most Fatal Attacks

The German shepherd breed, which weighs roughly 90 pounds and stands over 2 feet tall, is ideal for dealing with human dangers. The generational breeding of working dogs has produced a highly successful instrument.

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Unfortunately, among violent dog breeds, German shepherds excel in aggression and territoriality, and they were responsible for 20 deaths (about 5% of all dog bite deaths) and several non-fatal biting episodes. The only silver lining in this situation is that this breed is extremely trainable.

4. American Bulldog

Unlike its British counterparts, the American bulldog remains a robust working animal that has not been overbred to the point of ineffectiveness. Standing just shy of 30 inches tall, these canines may put on muscle and weigh more than 100 pounds. They are thick, powerful canines that are quite deadly when they attack.

Discover Five Most Dangerous Dog Breeds That Cause the Most Fatal Attacks

During the 13-year investigation, American bulldogs were responsible for 15 deaths, or around 3.5% of all fatal assaults. Although this is a small amount, it is notable given that this breed is rarely discussed among other deadly dogs.

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Make no mistake: this breed has a strong bite and can jump high and hard enough to knock an adult flat on their back.

5. Siberian Huskies

Siberian huskies are appreciated for their wolflike appearance. It’s hardly surprising that canines who appear like wild creatures behave similarly.

Huskies were utilized as sled dogs in the coldest regions of Canada and the United States. Despite weighing barely 60 pounds, they are robust for their size and highly independent creatures. Catching prey is tremendously motivating for these dogs. Most smaller creatures, including people, can seem as prey to them.

Discover Five Most Dangerous Dog Breeds That Cause the Most Fatal Attacks

In this situation, their survival instincts got them into the greatest danger. Huskies were responsible for 3% of all fatal assaults, according to the report we quoted. Although these creatures are generally amiable, they have been known to attack youngsters and adults who challenge them, even if they have no prior history of aggressiveness.


Analyzing fatal dog bite statistics from 2005 to 2017, pit bulls appear as the most lethal breed, accounting for the vast majority of fatal assaults. Rottweilers, German Shepherds, American Bulldogs, and Siberian Huskies all show alarming patterns, underscoring the need to identify and manage violent behavior in certain dog breeds.

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