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Join us on a delicious journey through Cleveland, Ohio’s lively food scene as we reveal the five best places in the city to enjoy the famous Polish Boy sandwich. These hidden culinary gems are spread out across the city and offer a tantalizing mix of tastes and textures that are typical of Cleveland’s diverse food culture.

From small food trucks to busy restaurants, every place makes this popular sandwich in its way, showing how Polish food has a rich history and how it has influenced Cleveland’s own unique culinary identity.

Come along on this delicious trip as we eat the must-try Polish Boy sandwiches that make Cleveland, Ohio’s food scene so special.

1. Rowley Inn

Cleveland, Ohio has many great places to eat. But the Rowley Inn is one of the coolest. This famous American restaurant serves classic dishes with a local twist. This is a fun place to get drinks and pierogi in the Tremont neighborhood. It’s right across the street from the A Christmas Story house.

People know the diner for its unique take on the Polish Boy hot dog. It’s also a sandwich shop that has won awards. They make dozens of different kinds of sandwiches. They also have a great collection of beers if you’re in the mood for one. Rowley Inn also has great soups, buttermilk biscuits, and other food.

2. Banter Beer and Wine

Visit Banter in Cleveland if you want to try a unique sandwich. The Polish Boy is on the menu at this restaurant. People all over the city eat sausage and fries together all the time. A kielbasa sausage with fries makes for a cheesy and gooey meal.

The Polish boy has been praised by foodies and well-known magazines like Esquire and Food Network. Some people even put the sandwich on a list of the best burgers in the whole country.

3. Seti’s

One of the best-known foods in Cleveland is the Polish Boy burger. The dish has a link of kielbasa sausage with barbecue sauce and salad on top of it. It is a mainstay of the city’s food scene and is eaten with french fries.

No one knows where the Polish Boy came from, but it’s possible that they got their idea from the first Polish people who came to Cleveland in the 1860s. This recipe is for a “dressed-up” hot dog that was originally a kielbasa dog.

4. Little Polish Diner

You should go to the Little Polish Diner in Cleveland, Ohio if you like good food. This place serves home-cooked meals at fair prices. The staff is helpful, and the place has a good vibe. You can also eat a lot of pierogis at the Little Polish Diner. The dumplings are made from noodle dough that has been filled with onions and potatoes.

There are many fillings and tastes to pick from. They have cakes with fruit inside as well. In addition to pierogis, the diner offers many kinds of sandwiches. The Polish Boy is one of them. Many cooks have said nice things about this traditional Cleveland sandwich.

5. Real Smoked BBQ

You can get the best of both worlds at Authentic Smoked BBQ in Cleveland, Ohio. They have a lot of craft drinks to choose from, along with their Polish Boy. The food is mostly barbecue, but they also have some interesting veggie choices.

They also serve some weird foods, like chicken tikka kabobs and buffalo wings, on their menu. The smokey-smoked meats are one of the special things about this place. To cook their meat, they use a J&R Oyler 700 that only burns wood. Not only do they have some gluten-free choices, but they also have the best-smoked meats in town.


In conclusion, our food tour of Cleveland, Ohio, has shown us five great places to eat the famous Polish Boy sandwich, each with its unique take on this popular local dish. These restaurants, like Rowley Inn’s cozy atmosphere and Real Smoked BBQ’s tasty food, are great examples of Cleveland’s rich food culture.

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