Discover 5 Most Dangerous Prisons in Florida You Wouldn’t Want to Get Sent to


Florida is known for its sunny beaches and lively culture, but its jail system is also very bad. Some of the most dangerous prisoners in the state are locked up in prisons and jails that are known for having tough conditions and high levels of violence.

Take a look with us into the five most dangerous jails in Florida, where staying alive is a daily battle and danger is everywhere.

1. Florida State Prison (Raiford)

Florida State Prison, also known as Raiford, is notorious for being one of the harshest prisons in the state. It is located near Starke. Raiford is known for its strict rules and past of violent incidents.

It is home to people on death row and in maximum security. This fortress-like facility is known for keeping some of Florida’s most infamous criminals, such as serial killers and gang leaders. Even the toughest criminals are careful when they go there.

2. Union Correctional Prison (Raiford)

Union Correctional Institution (UCI), which is also close to Starke, is another strong jail in Florida’s system. UCI can hold more than 2,200 prisoners, and it has a mix of maximum- and medium-security convicts.

But because of its history of bloodshed and gang activity, it is one of the most dangerous places in the state. Even though people are trying to keep things under control, assaults and smuggling of illegal goods are still common in this facility.

3. Dade Correctional Prison Florida City)

Dade Correctional Institution (DCI), which is in Florida City, is known for abusing and neglecting its prisoners in the past. Reports of violence, including the deaths of prisoners who were killed by too much force or not getting enough medical care, have made people look closely at this facility.

Even though there have been changes and more oversight, DCI is still a tough place for both inmates and staff, and safety worries remain.

4. Apalachee Correctional Prison (Sneads)

The Apalachee Correctional Institution (ACI) in Sneads is home to prisoners with close, medium, and minimum levels of protection. But too many people in the building and not enough staff have made things tense, which has led to fights and discipline problems. Even though people are trying to make things better, ACI is still a dangerous place where problems can get worse quickly.

5. Charlotte Correctional Prison (Punta Gorda)

The Charlotte Correctional Institution (CCI) is one of the biggest prisons in Florida. It is home to over 3,500 prisoners, some of whom are serving life terms and others are on death row.

Even though CCI is big, it has had trouble keeping order because of gang activity and fighting between prisoners. CCI is still a dangerous place for both inmates and staff because it is known for keeping famous criminals, including members of organized crime groups.

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Florida has an image of being a sunny state, but its prison system is very sad. Florida State Prison (Raiford) and Union Correctional Institution (UCI) are two of the five most risky jails in the state. They are known for having violent inmates and harsh conditions. Even though efforts are being made to make things better, these facilities are still dangerous places for both inmates and workers.

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