Vermont Pizza Lovers: Discover 5 Amazing Pizzerias


Enjoy the Green Mountain State with “Our Favorite Pizza Shops in Vermont.” Join us as we explore the crusty joys and cheesy marvels that define Vermont’s pizza culture, from the beautiful streets of Burlington to the gorgeous corners of Montpelier.

Each pizzeria on our list offers a distinct gastronomic experience that combines regional flavor with global inspiration.

Prepare to enjoy the spirit of Vermont’s culinary inventiveness as we walk you through our best options for an incredible pizza trip.

1. Positive Pie in Hardwick

Positive Pie is an Italian restaurant in Hardwick, Vermont, that serves a variety of Italian meals. It costs a lot to eat at that place, but the food is delicious and made with fresh ingredients, so it’s well worth it.

There are also a lot of different drinks to choose from. It’s hard to park because it’s on a busy main street, but there are free places close.

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2. Pizzeria Verità in Burlington

Pizzeria Verità is the place to go for Neapolitan pizza made over a wood fire. This Italian eatery with a wood-fired oven serves Italian main dishes as well. Its specialty is farm-fresh pizza cooked over wood.
For its Neapolitan-style pizza, Pizzeria Verita only uses real, local products.

To do this, it pulls a cart around with a pizza oven that cooks food over wood. The top gets crisp and golden brown, and the cheese gets warm and bubbly. Seven days a week, the diner is open.

3. Hazel in Brattleboro

Hazel is a neighborhood café that serves tasty, one-of-a-kind food. Near the Southern Vermont Children’s Discovery Center, Hazel serves BBQ pizza, ribs, poutine, and key lime pie. Hazel also has a full bar with a large selection of wines.

Vermont Pizza Lovers Discover 5 Amazing Pizzerias

The vibe is laid-back, and the service is great. The food is great. They cook their BBQ and make great wings and ribs. The drink menu is also very long and has a lot of different local beers and wines. Because the staff is nice and willing to help, and the mood is chill, Hazel is a great spot to meet up with friends.

4. Marigold Kitchen in North Bennington

Pizzas, handmade bread, and healthy meals made from scratch are what Marigold Kitchen is known for. The restaurant works with local farms and uses fresh, healthy food from the area.

The restaurant has a nice, laid-back vibe and is vegan and vegetarian-friendly. It also has gluten-free choices. People in the area love Marigold Kitchen. There is a vegan pizza at the diner in addition to the usual wood-fired pies.

There is smoked and fresh mozzarella, caramelized onions, button mushrooms, and lettuce on top of the Rosie pizza, which makes it a veggie treat.

Two kinds of Vermont flour are used in the restaurant, and fresh Vermont mozzarella from Maplebrook Farm is put on top of the pies. People in the area love the restaurant’s unique pies and are happy to talk about how good the food is.

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5. Parker Pie Co. in West Glover

If you like Vermont-style pie, Parker Pie is a great place to go. The winner of a prize, the Green Mountain Special, is made with local products and a secret maple syrup base.

Local favorites like bacon-wrapped dates and grilled artichokes are also on the restaurant’s pies. There are beers to choose from, and every week there are deals like taco Tuesdays and quiz Wednesdays. Another deal is that if you buy two large pizzas on Sunday, you get free hand-cut fries.

In a small, rural town, Parker Pie Company serves tasty pizza and great American bar food. The beer list changes often and includes craft beers from Vermont as well as drinks from around the world. There is live music on the patio and a friendly, relaxed vibe.


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