Delaware Police Shoot and Kill Gunman After Fatal Incident at Dover Senior Living Center


Law enforcement officials in Delaware are conducting an investigation after troopers with the Delaware State Police shot and killed a shooter shortly after he reportedly killed a staff member at a senior living center in Dover on Tuesday. The incident occurred shortly after those troopers shot and killed the gunman.

At approximately 5:25 p.m. on Tuesday, the incident began when a male individual, identified as a 51-year-old man from Camden, Delaware, was paying a visit to a female relative who is a resident at the Harmony at Kent Senior Living Center, which is situated along the 1400 block of East Lebanon Road in Dover. The police have not provided any additional identifying information regarding the individual.

According to the officials, the individual had previously been prohibited from entering the property due to what the investigators referred to as his engaging in hostile behavior.

It was stated in a statement by officials from the police department that the man and his female relative were led out of the institution by a staff member who was 59 years old. However, the police have not offered any other information regarding this staff member.

Upon exiting the building, the individual allegedly struck a member of the staff before rushing to his vehicle in the parking lot, where he subsequently retrieved a firearm.

Following that, the individual fired a single shot into a vehicle that belonged to one of his male relatives who was driving through the parking lot. After that, he took aim and attempted to shoot the employee of the establishment.

As the police arrived at the site, the man remained in the lot near his vehicle with his female relative, according to the officials. This occurred after the gunshot had taken place.

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