Crisis Management: Central Texas Residents Seek Solutions to Combat Cedar Fever Surge

image by: KVUE

Texas’s Austin wet, itchy eyes. and a nasal discharge. Texas is severely affected by cedar fever.

Dr. Allen Lieberman, an allergist, says the amount of cedar in Monday’s allergy report is astounding.

“Fifteen thousand? That is extraordinarily high, Lieberman exclaimed. “That might be the highest level I’ve ever seen early in the season.”

The Austin region’s residents are suffering the most from it, so they are looking for solutions.

Claire Hoelting said, “My mom sneezed the first time we crossed the border into Texas.” “It’s kind of gross that everyone is coughing when I go to the gym or something.” Simply get some rest and take as much Benadryl as you can. Yes, sipping tea. allergy medications.”

Austin Jacobs, a fellow Austinite, also faces allergy challenges.

“I came here seven years ago to go to UT and that was the first time I started experiencing some amount of allergies,” Jacobs stated.

We’ve got terrible news if you were hoping that ingesting some honey or bee pollen from Central Texas would help relieve your sniffles.

“So it’s a big fallacy because the reason why cedar pollen is so bad is that it’s very small and very light, and it gets blown by the wind,” Liberman explained. “The trees reproduce and spread the species in this way. Cedar trees are not pollinated by bees; flowers are. Therefore, I’m not really clear why consuming bee pollen is a logical solution when you have allergies caused by airborne allergens.

Liberman advises allergy patients to have multiple game plans instead.

“Remain within. “Wearing a mask can definitely be helpful if you have to go outside,” Lieberman stated. “A good nasal spray in conjunction with an antihistamine works incredibly well. Just go ahead and stock up for the following four to six weeks; starting and stopping doesn’t work as well. This can become worse every year, so if those don’t help, you should see an allergist and start a solid long-term treatment plan.”

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