Chicago Mayor Accuses Texas, Governor of Undermining National Unity, by Directing Migrants to Democratic Cities


In a frightening warning, Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson said that unless President Biden devotes resources to handle his city’s massive migrant crisis, the fate of the entire country hangs in the balance. Mayor Johnson, a progressive leader, spoke on CNN to discuss the influx of migrants into the sanctuary city, highlighting the need for leaders around the country to take a more coordinated strategy, backed up by significant financial assistance from the Biden administration.

While Mayor Johnson praised his administration’s efforts to provide migrant families with housing, healthcare, and education, he publicly admitted that the city’s resources were stretched and that federal assistance was urgently needed. The mayor emphasized the need to keep order and peace in the face of the crisis, claiming that the situation is unsustainable without major federal intervention.

Mayor Johnson condemned Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s recent decision to fly migrants into the sanctuary city as “reckless” and “dangerous.” Abbott had previously bused migrants into the city to highlight the impact of illegal immigration on Texas border towns. In response, Chicago issued an ordinance imposing penalties on buses that drop off migrants without permission, and Mayor Johnson pursued multiple lawsuits against migrant transportation businesses.

Mayor Johnson was critical of Abbott’s stance, claiming that it hampered rather than helped the resolution of the migrant situation. To properly manage the issues created by immigration, he urged for more sophisticated collaboration among mayors, county leaders, and the federal government.

Fox32 Over 20,000 migrants have landed in Chicago since August 2022, demonstrating the gravity of the crisis. Johnson cautioned that without significant federal investment, the entire country is now in jeopardy.

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In response to the ongoing issue, Illinois opened 230 hotel rooms for migrants arriving from Texas over the weekend, as reported by Governor J.B. Pritzker’s office.

The issue in Chicago has prompted debate, with many calling for the city’s sanctuary status to be lifted. Concerns were raised about taxpayer dollars being used for illegal immigrants’ accommodation and meals, while some neighborhoods, particularly the Black population, felt neglected.

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