2024 Legislative Changes: New Laws Enacted in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut


There will be a lot of new laws in the Tri-State area when the clock hits midnight on New Year’s Eve.
In 2024, a lot of the changes are meant to make things more fair from a business point of view.

Minimum pay will go up, students who are women will be able to get free menstrual products if they need them, and people who want to rent or buy a home will have to know about flooding risks.
Here’s what you need to know about the 2024 rules that will apply in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut:


In the past few months, a number of bills have been signed into law that will take effect in 2024 in New Jersey. The Garden State’s minimum wage went up, “Safe Haven” rules were made stronger, there was a new way to become a teacher, and there was a bill called “Seinfeld” that went after telemarketers.

Increase in Minimum Wage

On January 1, 2024, the general minimum wage in New Jersey will go up by $1 to $15.13 an hour for most workers. The state put out this chart that shows the minimum wage for different types of jobs.

Expanded Access to Temporary Restraining Orders

These laws allow protective orders to be given for some victims in cases where domestic violence laws don’t apply because the victim and offender aren’t related or dating each other.

The governor’s office says that the bill gives more protections to people who have been abused, no matter what kind of relationship they have with the alleged abuser or whether they have a relationship with them now or in the past. This is because it increases the types of abuse that can lead to a protective order.

Period Products in Schools

With this new rule, pharmacists in New Jersey will be able to give hormone-based birth control to patients without a prescription.

Over the Counter Birth Control

With this new rule, pharmacists in New Jersey will be able to give hormone-based birth control to patients without a prescription.


As of now, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul has signed 730 bills into law this year. Another 87 are ready for her to review them. New laws will have an effect on people all over the state, covering topics like worker rights, health care, and school resources.

Increase in Minimum Wage

The minimum wage will go up to $16 an hour in New York City, Westchester, and Long Island on January 1, 2024. In the rest of New York State, it will stay at $15 an hour.

In the meantime, Gov. Hochul said The Jobs and Family Department of New York State will

Start an effort to let people in New York know about the change. People who make the minimum wage and don’t see their pay raise in the new year should file a wage complaint with the Department of Labor. They can do this online or by calling (833) 910-4378.

Protections for Freelance Workers

After the “Freelance Isn’t Free” Act is passed, freelance workers will have more rights and benefits. The new rule affects freelancers who are covered and get paid at least $800 for their work.

The law says that written contracts must be used, that workers must be paid on time and in full, and that workers must be protected from discrimination and punishment by their employers. Freelancers and employers will be able to get sample contracts from the Department of Labor that follow the new law.

Protections for New York Tenants

New laws are also meant to protect renters from problems with water and safety.

Assembly Bill A7273 says that NYCHA has to write to people within 24 hours to let them know if their water is safe to drink or cook with. It also makes sure that all federal, state, and local rules are followed by people hired to look at water quality samples.

In the same way, another assembly bill says that keyless security devices used to get into shared areas of buildings cannot be put in place without written permission from the building and the relevant parties. Building owners will have to give residents 30 days’ notice of any approved installation and promise that their rent or entry to the building will not change. This is because of a new law amendment.

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