Check Out the Most Rainiest Place in Pennsylvania


Pennsylvania, the 22nd rainiest state in the United States, has a median annual precipitation rate. However, if you’re curious about the wettest area in the state and how its rainfall compares to the average, let’s look into it. We’ll look at the history, demography, climate, and local wildlife of this rainy region.

The Rain Capital: Germansville

Germansville, located in Lehigh County, claims to be Pennsylvania’s rainiest city. Germansville is located in Eastern Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley, also known as “the valley,” and receives an average annual rainfall of 50.71 inches. This result is roughly 8 inches more than the state average of 42.77 inches and about 10 inches higher than the national average of 38 inches per year.

Germansville is located just outside Allentown to the southeast, approximately 60 miles northwest of the busy metropolis of Philadelphia. Notably, Germansville is unincorporated, which means it does not have an established local government. Typically, such places are small, rural, or located on the fringes of larger cities and governed by adjacent governments.

Germansville is also part of Heidelberg Township, a prominent suburb of Allentown and the 68th most populous metropolitan region in the United States.

Population and Demographics in Germansville, Pennsylvania

Although the larger metropolitan area of Germansville has approximately 861,999 citizens, Germansville itself has a significantly smaller population of approximately 2,800 people living in roughly 1,000 houses. The town is located at an elevation of 604 feet along Jordan Creek, a tributary of Little Lehigh Creek. This canal connects with Little Lehigh Creek in Allentown before entering the Lehigh River, which eventually flows into the Delaware.

Besides being Pennsylvania’s rain epicenter, Germansville is one of the state’s warmest locations. July is the hottest month, with average highs of 83°F, while January is the coldest, with an average temperature of 34°F and lows of 21°F. October is its wettest month, with an average of 1.8 inches of precipitation. Germansville also has high humidity, particularly between October and February, when levels average approximately 82%.

Locating Germansville on a Map

Germansville is located roughly 20 miles northwest of Allentown and two miles north of Pleasant Corners, Pennsylvania. Notably, Pleasant Corners and Allentown are part of the Lehigh Valley metropolitan area, with Allentown being the region’s largest city, with 125,845 residents.

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In Summary

Germansville, located in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley, is known as the state’s rain capital, receiving an average annual rainfall of 50.71 inches. Germansville, located just outside of Allentown, is unincorporated, which retains its rural character while being part of the bustling Heidelberg Township. With a population of roughly 2,800 people, Germansville enjoys warm temperatures, which peak in July, and its wettest month is October. Its proximity to large cities such as Philadelphia and Allentown, as well as its location in the dynamic Lehigh Valley, emphasizes its importance in Pennsylvania’s diverse climate and demographics.

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