California Substitute Teacher Faces Inquiry Over Alleged Inappropriate Content Viewing in Elementary School Classroom

Parents and guardians pick up students as class lets out at Cameron Elementary School on Wednesday, Jan. 17, 2024, in Chicago.

A California substitute teacher was dismissed from his elementary school classroom for viewing ‘inappropriate images’ on his phone in front of students.

One concerned parent shared that her child mentioned seeing naked people on the phone in front of the students. 

Officials were informed that the incident left students in tears.

The disturbing incident took place sometime before noon last Friday, when a worried parent contacted Cameron Elementary in West Covina, California, seeking answers as to why her son had called her in tears.

Upon inspecting the young boy, the school’s principal discovered that ‘several students were in tears’ in the classroom, as per a statement from the school’s superintendent.

The principal, Sylvia Fullerton, assumed control of the class and instructed the substitute, who remains unidentified, to exit.

After that, she attempted to soothe the distressed children and escorted them to the school’s on-site Mental Wellness Room.

Stacy Matthews, a parent of one of the students, mentioned that the teacher had his back to the kids, allowing them to see his phone. Adison reported seeing inappropriate content on the phone.

According to her, a lot of the students gathered in a corner due to feeling uneasy about the situation.

“He refused to allow them to use the restroom,” she stated regarding the substitute. Several students eventually departed to seek assistance.

The superintendent of the area, Emy Flores, informed NBCLA that the substitute teacher was promptly removed and an investigation has been initiated.

“Upon learning about the situation, we acted promptly,” she stated.

Every parent of a child in the class received a notification regarding the incident.

Upon discovering the incident, Flores promptly informed district administrators, Child Protective Services, and local law enforcement.  

West Covina’s police chief, Richard Bell, advised parents to stay calm and have faith in the investigative process.

‘Our top priority is to guarantee the safety and welfare of all community members, especially our children,’ he stated.

Some parents gathered on Tuesday morning to protest in the rain in front of the school due to the delay in the sub’s arrest.

Teacher’s Background Check Investigated Amid Revenge Fears

Students on the run after school ends for the day at Cameron Elementary School on Wednesday, Jan. 17, 2024, in Chicago.


Matthews recounted how she was frightened when she learned on Saturday that he had not been arrested, fearing he would return for revenge.

Chief Bell emphasized the importance of reassuring the community that the police department is taking these allegations very seriously. 

An investigation is currently being conducted to thoroughly analyze the situation and collect all the required information.

The individual mentioned that they have a thorough and comprehensive hiring process, which involves more than just fingerprints.

It also includes a full background check with the Department of Justice, along with drug testing. She mentioned that all results were clear for the teacher in question.

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