Brooklyn Gunman Killed 13-year-old in Revenge Plan Over Instagram Live Beating: Sources


A 13-year-old Brooklyn child was gunned down in an apparent gang hit as retaliation for a competitor being assaulted and made to strip naked on Instagram Live, sources claimed.

According to law enforcement sources, the NYPD has identified two persons of interest but has not made any arrests in connection with Troy Gill’s shooting death a few streets from his Crown Heights home at about 10 p.m. on February 29.

Authorities suspect Troy was targeted because of his street gang affiliation, but the boy did not participate in the social media beatdown that precipitated the alleged revenge killing, according to authorities.

Troy was shot four times by rival gang members after attending a Brooklyn Nets game earlier in the night, and in his final minutes, he called his mother in a panic, according to police. Before Troy’s death, members of Troy’s gang kidnapped the suspected gunman and forced him to strip naked before beating him down in a live-streamed attack, according to police sources.

The alleged gunman then collected members of his crew, saw Troy, recognized him as a member of the rival gang, and shot him fatally, according to sources. Troy was transported to Kings County Hospital after the incident and later died.

The initial investigation led detectives to a white Jeep that investigators believe is linked to the crime.

A police official confirmed Wednesday that the investigation is still underway, and no arrests have been made.

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