Brewed in History: The Deep Story Behind Modelo’s Symbol


The Modelo logo is more than just a sign; it represents a rich legacy and a quest for excellence. Modelo’s logo, as one of the most known in the beer industry, embodies both heritage and modernity. Modelo originated in Mexico in 1925 and has since become synonymous with excellence and authenticity.

Behind the renowned insignia is a story of tenacity, craftsmanship, and cultural pride. Join us as we delve into the fascinating past and uncover the narrative behind the Modelo logo—a symbol that crosses borders, uniting beer aficionados throughout the world in their respect for unrivaled flavor and tradition.

History of the Modelo

According to Modelo USA, Modelo beer originated in Tacuba, Mexico. In 1925, the brewing company set out to develop the ideal beer. They used techniques from worldwide sources. Expert German brewmasters, well-known for their brewing expertise, served as sources of inspiration.

A new brewing procedure was devised in conjunction with a recipe, yielding a well-balanced beer with a crisp finish. The brew was dubbed Modelo Especial. The name signifies “Special Model.” A clear bottle with a gold seal on it demonstrates the company’s pride in this product, as well as their aim to showcase the color and promote it as a distinct and unique drink. This legacy continues after over 90 years of perfecting and lauding the Pilsner-style lager beer.

The Modelo Logo

Constellation Brands, the corporation that owns Modelo, changed its logo in 2016. This was done to fit Casa Modelo, a new product that they wanted to add to the Modelo beer brand’s repertoire. This collection includes Modelo Especial, Chelada, and Negra.

The logo stands on its own as an identifiable graphic that includes the company name and a descriptor with distinct imagery that conveys the brand’s strength. Constellation stated that it intends to maintain a consistent packaging campaign to protect the brand’s identity. The Modelo logo has a wordmark that stands out above the other elements.

The brand name Modelo takes center stage in a bold, rounded modern style. The hue is dark blue with a 3-dimensional design, which includes thin black lines and white space in between to create a depth appearance and make the letters stand out. The background is white, with a faint grey picture behind the wordmark. The word Cerveza appears in all capital letters in a semi-arc above the middle of the wordmark.

Mighty lions in golden yellow appear to the left and right of the wordmark. They are standing on their rear legs, their front legs extended forward, as if holding the wordmark up from both sides. The lions are standing on a golden banner with representations of grain spreading to the left and right of the ribbon banner, with the year 1925 in the center. This image represents the year in which the brand was created.

The Color Scheme for the Logo

Grupo Modelo identifies the colors that have been approved for usage in the model logo. The logo was designed using four different colors. These include Ateneo Blue, Jasper, Spanish Yellow, and Brown-Nose. Keshav Naidu created this color scheme by the acceptable colors specified by the brand.

The Logo’s Origins and Intentions Remain Unclear

The internet is humming with logo lovers trying to find out the Modelo logo’s origins and intention. Mental Itch considers that the logo represents the brand’s ideals following marketing traditions. We are certain that the lions represent the brand’s strength. The golden yellow colors used in the lions and flag represent strength and character.

These are true when compared to the features of the beer that have received international recognition from beer connoisseurs all over the world. Gold also represents earthiness and a sense of wealth. It is a clean color that represents integrity and honesty.

The brand is transparent about its roots and history, but it fails to acknowledge the original developers of the logo and the unique font, which has yet to be accurately recognized. It’s thought to be a tweaked version.

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The Logo Represents the Slogan Without Using Words

The Modelo brand’s tagline is “the fighting spirit.” It’s heard in every TV commercial. This tagline is portrayed by the images of two lions, both of which are ready to fight if required. We sense their power as they hold up the brand’s name in the emblem.

According to Logomaker, the deep blue color indicates authority, professionalism, power, loyalty, and trust. This impression is based on the product’s quality and the smart brand portrayal. It is sold to ordinary people who grow and excel, accomplishing incredible things in life. This shows that it is a one-of-a-kind product, but it also inspires people from all walks of life to pursue their passions and become the best versions of themselves.


In essence, the Modelo logo represents a tradition of quality and cultural pride. Modelo’s insignia represents endurance and skill, having evolved since its inception in 1925. The logo, with its distinctive iconography and color scheme, reflects the brand’s strength and fighting spirit, which appeals to beer fans all over the world.

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