Discover The Best 5 Places to Spend Weekend With Kids in New Orleans


Are there kid-friendly activities in New Orleans? Well, yes! Although Bourbon Street and Beads are the most well-known aspects of the Big Easy, this Louisiana metropolis has more to offer. The abundance of family-friendly attractions and activities in New Orleans may surprise parents. With these 5 kid-friendly New Orleans attractions and activities, the good times will surely roll!

1. View the Joan of Arc Statue

View the Joan of Arc Statue

There is a glistening golden statue of Joan of Arc within walking distance of the French Market. The unofficial patron saint of the city is the French martyr popularly known as the “Maid of Orléans.” In New Orleans, she even receives her own Mardi Gras procession each year.

2. Visit The Audubon Insectarium To See Butterflies And Other Insects

Visit The Audubon Insectarium To See Butterflies And Other Insects

Children find the Audubon Insectarium fascinating because of anything creepy-crawly. Upon arrival, guests are greeted by an immersive entrance adorned with fictitious dragonflies and butterflies. After that, take a stroll through the Butterfly Garden to get up close and personal with actual, free-flying Asian butterflies and moths. Visit the Honey Bee Exhibit to learn how honey is produced. Admire the ant colony’s strength and organization, which will captivate you. Then read Eco-Engineers to understand about the place of insects in the Earth’s food chain.

In Presentation Areas like Field Camp, where students can ask an entomologist their burning insect questions, you could even get to feel the legs of a live millipede.

But the one that sticks in your memory the most is Bug Appétit, which serves bugs. Spiced bug snacks and pastries are available for adventurous children and their parents to sample. Leo, who is eleven years old, says they’re fairly good! (However, his mother was too uncomfortable to attempt.)

3. Visit Mardi Gras World To See Incredible Parade Floats

Visit Mardi Gras World To See Incredible Parade Floats

Every year, the period known as Carnival Season runs from January 6 until the Tuesday before Lent, or Fat Tuesday. You may still experience the thrills and splendor of Mardi Gras without having to deal with the wild crowds at Mardi Gras World when you travel to New Orleans with children outside of this joyous time of year.

Come here to get a close-up look at the incredible artwork on the parade floats for this occasion. You can change into a float rider for the duration of your hour-long excursion, and you’ll end with a slice of king cake.

4. Visit the Audubon Zoo’s animals

Visit the Audubon Zoo's animals

According to the USA TODAY 10Best Readers’ Choice travel award program, the Audubon Zoo is among the top zoos in the United States as of 2023. The Audubon Zoo, which occupies 50 acres, is home to 1,700 animals from over 350 species.

Make sure to check out the exhibit about Louisiana swamps. Animals from the state include black bears, bobcats, foxes, and the uncommon white alligator, which can be found in the only urban swamp in the world.

Kids enjoy the zoo’s many playgrounds, the Endangered Species Carousel, and the Cool Zoo splash park, which features a Gator Run lazy river, in addition to witnessing all of the many animals that call it home.

5. At The National Wwii Museum, Learn About History

At The National Wwii Museum, Learn About History

Family travel writer Jason Carlton claims that he felt he had to take his family to New Orleans primarily to see the National WWII Museum after seeing it while on a business trip.

Carlton writes, “It’s full of historical artifacts and personal stories from those who fought in the war,” in her post on the Tips for Family Trips blog. Along with anecdotes of the difficulties endured at home, there is information on the conflicts in Europe and the Pacific.

He continues, “For history buffs, the National WWII Museum in New Orleans is a highly recommended excursion. For families with school-age children, it’s a good all-weather solution. Though there are many wonderful things to do in New Orleans, my family and I would come back for this museum alone.

I’ve been told nothing but amazing things about the National WWII Museum. Regretfully, we could have made a major error by not fitting it in during our vacation. It appears that our family will need to take another trip to New Orleans!

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