Baldwin Park Assaults: Suspect Arrested in Attacks on Teen Females


On Thursday, police in Baldwin Park announced the arrest of a young guy about the assaults on two females in their early teen years.

On December 8th, in the 3900 block of Big Dalton Avenue, the initial attack took place at approximately 9:00 a.m. The Baldwin Park Police Department reports that a second incident happened on December 12 at approximately 4:30 p.m., close to the intersection of Vineland Avenue and Ahern Drive, in the 3600 block.

The 18-year-old male suspect, Moses Vallecillo, was armed with a knife and sexually battered both teenagers, according to police who spoke with KTLA’s Mary Beth McDade.

When they initially crossed paths, “he walked up behind a female as she was distracted with her cell phone,” according to Sgt. Norman Gonzalez of the Baldwin Park Police Department. “He reached down and grabbed her posterior, and then there was a fight over her phone.”

In the initial incident, the 18-year-old allegedly pinned the victim against a fence and then pulled her across the street until she freed herself, according to detectives. Vallecillo was not the only one who managed to liberate the second victim.
“As a young woman walking down the street alone, I can only imagine the terror you would have felt,” Sgt. Gonzalez remarked.

Detectives investigated the area and discovered photographs of the man wearing a black surgical mask traveling through Baldwin Park. Despite this, investigators were able to identify and apprehend Vallecillo.

“We collaborated with the Baldwin Park Unified School District,” Sgt. Gonzalez explained to KTLA. “They provided a lot of assistance in helping us identify this person of interest.”

Police also stated that evidence linked to the two attacks was discovered during a search warrant executed at the suspect’s apartment.

Vallecillo was charged with robbery, kidnapping, sexual battery, and assault with a deadly weapon.

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