Baby Willow: the Unsolved Mystery of a Mother Who Claimed She Gave Away Her Child in 2016


Orlando, FL- Where did Baby Willow go? Susan Richardson gave birth in February 2016. Richardson, a drug addict with a history of mental illness, is claimed to have walked the same trail virtually every day.

Her buddy informed investigators that Richardson would depart for 7-Eleven in the morning before heading to the neighborhood drug house across the street. Richardson would walk home after doing her business there, saving time by bypassing the Willow Bend Apartments in Orlando, Florida.

On February 16, 2016, neighbors of the complex discovered afterbirth in the parking lot, and when police came, they tracked the trail of blood directly to Richardson’s front door.

A Child Was Born, But Where is It?

However the mother didn’t have the baby, and there was no sign that Richardson was getting ready for the baby’s coming. More blood was found in her bedroom and laundry room, but there were no beds, diapers, formula, toys, or other things that would have shown that Richardson planned to keep her baby or care for it.

As soon as authorities found the fully developed placenta in the parking lot of the apartment complex, they set out to find the baby. It was proven that Richardson gave birth to a girl, who was later named Baby Willow, but it was hard to locate the child.

Richardson told the police that she left the baby on the steps of a Willow Bend resident, but the police could not find the baby.

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Richardson Was Quickly Taken to the Hospital After Giving Birth

Someone called the Orlando Fire Department to Richardson’s house around noon on the day she gave birth. They were told that a woman might have had a miscarriage, and Richardson was rushed to a nearby hospital.

There, she told the doctors that she had lost the pregnancy when she was about three to four months along. She didn’t say that she had given birth, and hours after she got out of the hospital, someone in Willow Bend found the afterbirth that connected Richardson to the case.

Witness Tells Sad Story

Richardson, according to a woman who claimed to be one of his closest friends, later admitted to police that he had given away the infant.

Out of concern for her safety, the alleged witness wished to maintain her anonymity. However, she informed authorities that Baby Willow was in the custody of an individual in the vicinity of the drug house where Richardson stopped by for breakfast each morning.

It was reported that the alleged parent of the child was hesitant to come forward for fear of unwanted attention from the police. The friend also asserted that Richardson disclosed during her pregnancy that she intended to donate her child, but she did not specify who it would be to whom.

The authorities, meanwhile, conducted ceaseless searches for Baby Willow. In an attempt to locate the infant, they trod through swamp waters and drained a nearby pond. After more than 550 hours of sifting through garbage and sewage, Richardson abruptly ceased cooperating with investigators.

Her conversations were monitored whenever her lover, Johnnie Bryant, visited her or called her in prison after she was arrested for child neglect. Unfortunately for the investigators, no leads materialized that could have assisted in the search for Baby Willow. Despite the lack of evidence to the contrary, authorities concluded that the infant was deceased.

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Police Claim Richardson Didn’t Care About Her Baby’s Whereabouts

Richardson reportedly showed no signs of worry for her child while she was being held in detention. According to the police, Richardson had a long criminal history that included assault and battery arrests.

Sgt. Wanda Ford of Orlando Police said, “She told us she dropped the baby off at someone’s apartment at the doorstep.” “We don’t know the whole story, but she’s not telling it to us.” We’re not sure if she delivered the child to someone’s residence. The baby’s safety and continued life are our top concerns.”

Richardson entered a plea of not guilty to the third-degree felony accusations of child abuse and child abandonment. A court sentenced Susan Richardson to 51 weeks in prison, even though each of those offenses might have resulted in a 10-year prison term. She was given an eight-month prison sentence, released, and sentenced to four years of probation.

Richardson is Jailed Once Again

However, Richardson was taken into custody on a domestic assault charge shortly after she was freed. When he warned her not to consume crack while on probation for child negligence, she kicked him, her boyfriend reported to the police.

She left the area and went to the home of her boyfriend’s mother. Richardson admitted to police that she didn’t kick her boyfriend until he had hit her in the face while she was being detained. According to reports, the two shared children and a residence. He is thought to be Baby Willow’s father, however, this hasn’t been verified.

A few months later, in January 2017, it was revealed that Richardson had broken her probation by reportedly seeing her other children without supervision. This information was obtained by the Florida Department of Children and Families.

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Richardson was found to be pregnant once again during their examination. Reporters reached her boyfriend, Bryant, but he refused to say whether or not he was the child’s father. The whereabouts of that youngster are unknown to the public.

What You Should Know About Baby Willow

Baby Willow was just a few hours old, weighing between six and ten pounds, when she vanished. Her eyes were brown, her hair was black or dark brown.

Authorities believe Richardson may have been out and about with Baby Willow, also known as Baby Richardson, between 10:00 a.m. and noon on February 15, 2016, the day the infant was last seen.

It is recommended that anybody with information on this case get in touch with their local authorities or the Orlando Police at 407-246-2470. The case number for the agency is 2016-066472.

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