The Unsolved Case of Kim Williams: A Woman Who Went Missing in La Mesa

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The police suspect they know what might have happened to Kim Williams. They still don’t know where the 37-year-old California woman is, though, after all these years.

The last time Kim was seen, she was with a guy named Michael Greg Green, which was a bad sign. Kim and Green were at an apartment together in La Mesa, California, on June 20, 1995. La Mesa is in San Diego County.

Neighbors Heard Kim Fighting With a Man

According to Reports, someone told the police that they heard Kim Williams and Green having a very heated fight at his flat. Previous to this, she had told people that she was afraid for her life because Green was a dangerous guy.

An eyewitness called the cops for help because the fight was getting so bad, but it was already too late. It’s not clear how long it took for police to get to the scene, but when they did, they didn’t find Kim or Green.

Investigators were told that Green left his house in his van with Kim sitting up straight in the passenger seat. Someone who saw Kim said that she looked like she was carefully placed in the van because she wasn’t moving and didn’t seem to be paying attention.

The last time anyone saw Kim Williams was that day, and Green never went back to the house to get any of his things.

Green would show up again, though, when he was jailed for killing another woman. It was said that he was tried for trying to kill that woman and killing Kim.

Green was found guilty of both crimes and given a 131-year jail term, even though there was no proof that he killed Kim.

However, the search for Kim continues because she is still missing.

What You Should Know About Kim Williams

Kim Williams was 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighed 120 pounds at the time of her abduction. She had dark brown eyes and black/dark brown hair. She was last spotted wearing a purple t-shirt and blue Levi pants. Her given name is “Teresa.” At the time of publishing, Kim would be 63 years old.

Anyone with information regarding this crime is requested to call the La Mesa Police Department or their local authorities at (619) 667-7542. The case number assigned by the agency is 95-04411.

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