Assault in the City: Women’s Viral Videos Highlight Nyc’s Public Safety Issue


Earlier this week, a disturbing set of videos on TikTok showed several women saying they were punched in the face by strangers in New York City. One guy has since been arrested.

Monday, a woman posted a video on TikTok in which she recorded herself saying that a guy came up to her and punched her in the face. As she tells the story with tears in her eyes, she shows the camera a big bump on the side of her head.

She later shared videos in which she talked about how the attack, which made her “black out for a second,” happened while she was walking her dogs. She said she saw the man yelling at her before she ran away from the scene. In a different video, she talks about how she called the police and they deleted all of her information. She also says she is better after being hurt.

According to another woman, she was also punched in the face while telling the story of her attack. The Parsons Fashion Design student says that as she walked home from class, she was looking down at her phone when a man attacked her. He hit her in the face, giving her a black eye, a chipped tooth, and a headache.

In a second film, she says the punch happened on her way to Union Square between West 14th St. and 5th Ave. In a different TikTok, she says that she reported the man who hit her.

Hearing from other women on social media who say the same thing happened to them, she says that her attacker “is the same that has hit a couple of other girls, but what’s even scarier is that other girls and our descriptions of this man are completely different,” which means that there are many men doing this.

The student said the guy was brown, over 6 feet tall, had short hair, and looked like he was homeless. People in the city should keep their “head on swivel” and be aware of what’s going on around them when they walk down the street.

That same day, March 17, another woman wrote on TikTok that the same man punched her in the face in the SoHo area. She says she is okay now that she’s been to urgent care and has also called the cops, just like the other women who posted their stories on TikTok.

The horrifying list of women who have been victims of abuse doesn’t end there. It was Monday that another woman told TikTok about how a man hit her in the arm while she was going to the store to get a water bottle for her friend. She told the police about the meeting without giving her name because she felt very anxious after it happened. was told by the New York City Police Department that 40-year-old Stora Skiboky was arrested and charged with assault for hitting one of the victims near West 16th St. and 7th Ave.

In the comments of popular TikTok videos, many other women have talked about being abused by guys in the streets of New York City. On social media, other women are still talking about how they were suddenly abused in New York City.

“How about men need to not punch women in the face?” one commenter asked in anger at all the women telling other women to be careful.

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