Arizona Students Can Get Hands-on Practice With Public Safety Through A Stem Program Made By Dps


On Friday morning, high school kids from all over Arizona had the chance to be DPS officers for a day.

“Today they’re working with those detectives on how to look into a crash scene and do motor vehicle crimes,” Veronica Valenzuela, Administrative Supervisor at the Arizona Department of Public Safety Technical Services Division, said.

Students watched displays of traffic stops, aviation operations, EOD (explosive ordinance disposal) drills, Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) operations, crash investigations and reconstruction, and crime scene processing over the course of three days and 22 hours.

The school helps bring together ideas from math, science, technology, engineering, and engineering.

“They can see how stem has been used in public safety through each activity, and it’s really important to know about it.” This means they are doing math with crimes involving cars. Valenzuela said, “Engineers are looking at how the drones work.”

The STAR program is for high school students between the ages of 16 and 18. Its goal is to give young people more power by giving them useful, hands-on training and learning opportunities for professional growth in the field of public safety.

“I understand how to look into a crime scene better now.” How to check blood samples. “It’s been great,” said Galilea Guzman, a student.

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