Arizona And California Police Are Looking For A Woman Who Went Missing After A Strange Absence


LA PAZ COUNTY, ARIZONA  — Arizona and California police are looking for a 27-year-old man who hasn’t been seen since the end of February and need your assistance.

Amanda Nenigar was last seen in Blythe, California. A week later, her car was found in the middle of nowhere in the Arizona desert.

It’s now been made public by the La Paz County Sheriff how the strange car was found and where the case stands.

Every day, the search across multiple states for Amanda Nenigar, 27, gets more mysterious as police race against the clock to try to find even the tiniest clue about where she might be.

“My fear is that it will be a recovery and not a location of a person who is still alive,” La Paz County Sheriff William Ponce said.

Ponce said that their office joined the search early in March, which was a week after Nenigar went missing.

Nenigar was last seen in Blythe, California, on February 28, according to the police. The sheriff said she lives in that area but often drives to Arizona’s La Paz County to visit family there.

A week later, her family called the sheriff’s office to say that her Toyota Camry had been found by family and friends in the rural desert south of Cibola, about 45 minutes from Blythe.

The sheriff said it was even stranger how the car was found.

“The back end of the car was on a big rock,” Ponce said. “When a person leaves their car and you have no idea where they went or anything, it all seems very strange and is very worrying to us.”

He said that they had to work backwards with the Blythe Police to come up with a plan.

On February 27, the day before she went missing, Nenigar called 911 because she was stuck in a ditch, but that ditch was not near where her car was found.

“At around that time, there was a 911 call to the El Centro, California highway patrol station saying that she was in Anza and on her way to the Palm Springs area,” Ponce said. She never got to Palm Springs.

The sheriff said that he and search groups from several agencies have been working together on the ground and in the air.

This past weekend, they brought in corpse dogs, but they didn’t find any smell. The sheriff said he is scared that Nenigar might be a victim of trafficking and abuse.

“Is it more important to me right now?” Yes, of course it is. Ponce said, “Being close to the US border and being a rural state, we’re only two hours from LA, two hours from Phoenix, and three to four hours from Las Vegas.” “We don’t know anything about it; it’s very mysterious to us.” Anyone who can help us find her or give us any information that might help us find her is asked to please do so.

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