An Attacker Followed an Elderly Woman Into a Bronx Elevator and Stabbed Her Multiple Times in Head


An attacker stabbed an elderly woman numerous times in the head after following her into an elevator at a Bronx residential complex. The event happened at 2066 Morris Avenue in the Tremont neighborhood, and the 75-year-old victim was transported to St. Barnabas Hospital for treatment.

Police captured the culprit, Edwin Rios, 38, and charged him with attempted murder. The victim’s condition and relationship with the perpetrator are unknown, and it is unclear whether she lived in the building where the crime took place.

Rios has a history of violent crimes. In October 2012, he pursued a 22-year-old lady off a bus in Queens and stabbed her twice in the back. He was arrested in 2013 for the crime. Overall crime in New York City has dropped by 2.3%, although felony assault has increased by 3% and robbery by 4.1%. The NYPD does not publicly track stabbing incidents, therefore information on these types of assaults is limited.

In a separate instance, many ladies reported being randomly hit in downtown Manhattan. Skiboky Stora, 40, of East New York, has been charged with assault in connection with the attack on Halley Kate. Kate’s TikTok video about the incident became viral, bringing attention to the situation.

Following her video, numerous other women came forward to relate their own stories of getting sucker punched while walking. It is unclear whether Stora is a suspect in any of the other documented cases of random assaults on women in the region.

The rise in random attacks on women reveals a troubling trend of violence against women in the city. Incidents like these can instill anxiety and unease in residents, especially women who may feel unsafe strolling alone.

The police must investigate and respond to these incidents to safeguard the safety of all New Yorkers. The increase in felony assaults and robberies necessitates more attention and resources being directed toward combating violent crime in the city to prevent future incidences.

The community in the Bronx and Downtown Manhattan must band together to support victims of violence and create a safer environment for all citizens. Increased awareness and attention can help people protect themselves from possible attacks and bring culprits to justice.

Residents can help prevent future acts of violence by collaborating with law enforcement and local organizations to make their areas safer for everyone. To make the city safer and more secure for all of its people, it is critical to address the core causes of violence and provide support to victims.

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