Allegations Arise: South Carolina SENATOR DEON TEDDER Under Scrutiny for CRIMINAL SEXUAL CONDUCT Charges


According to information obtained by abcnews4, the South Carolina Attorney General’s Office is looking into criminal sexual behavior charges made against Democratic state Senator Deon Tedder two years ago.

The incident report acquired from the Columbia Police Department is substantially redacted. However, it includes occurrences of criminal sexual conduct in the second degree, which means that an “actor uses aggravated coercion to accomplish sexual battery,” according to South Carolina’s Code of Law.

On Nov. 8, 2023, News 4 requested a police report from the FOIA Office regarding an alleged criminal sexual behavior investigation that took place on April 27, 2022. On November 28, 2023, it received the redacted report.

The South Carolina Attorney General’s Office verified to News 4 on Friday that Tedder is the suspect in the redacted report dated November 2023. It is crucial to emphasize that Tedder has not been charged with a crime.

The incident report states that on Wednesday, April 27, 2022, an officer from the Columbia Police Department was dispatched to Shop Road in Columbia.

When police arrived on the location, they found a victim who claimed she was “touched inappropriately through her clothes and later. The report concludes with the officer noting that the victim “did not consent to the sexual act.” The last three pages of the incident report are completely blacked.

When asked for specifics about the more than two-year-long inquiry into Tedder’s alleged actions, Robert Kittle, the attorney general’s office’s communication director, stated, “It is our office’s policy not to confirm or deny the existence of any investigations.”

News 4 has reached out to Tedder about the allegations and is waiting for a response. If News 4 receives a response, this story will be updated with his comments.

Tedder is running for reelection in South Carolina Senate District 42, which includes portions of Charleston and Dorchester counties. He is up against Kim Greene, the major challenger.

Greene responded to the charges, saying that the people “deserve to know the moral compass of their elected officials and candidates.”

“Although everyone is innocent until proven guilty, elected officials and candidates for public office have special obligations for full transparency and being honest with the voters,” she added. “No one, and especially not those who hold or who are seeking to hold public the public trust, is above the law or entitled to more protection than the victims of violent crimes, or entitled to special protections or judicial courtesies that are not given to any other accused person.”

He first won the seat in a November special election by a landslide over Republican newcomer Rosa Kay.

Tedder represented District 109 in the state House before being elected to the state Senate.

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