AG Mayes Issues Stern Warning on Crisis Pregnancy Centers in Arizona


Arizona’s Attorney General Kris Mayes dropped a shock on the state’s reproductive health care system when she issued a strong warning about the often dishonest activities of so-called Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs).

The AG’s office said in a release that these centers, which look like real health clinics, have a secret goal: they don’t want to provide complete care, but rather they want to stop people from choosing abortion.

“Every Arizonan has the right to receive clear and accurate information to guide their private medical decisions, full stop,” Mayes warned the people of Arizona. The attorney general also made it clear that these CPCs might not be honest about their services or lack thereof, leaving patients without the abortion care they sought and racing against the clock under strict state laws that may leave them with no legal way to get an abortion as time runs out.

The strategies used by these centers are not to help weak people but to promote a philosophy that wants to control choices under the guise of healthcare.

Mayes’s office promised to be alert and said they would be looking out for any threats against abortion patients, medical staff, or places that offer abortion care.

Mayes said in the official press release, “Arizonans have the right to make deeply personal decisions that are best for them and their families without interference.”

The Attorney General’s Office sends a clear message: learn as much as you can, be wary of clinics that try to trick you, and do a lot of study before going to a reproductive health care provider to make sure you get the care you deserve and in a way that fits with your beliefs.

The release says that people who have been scammed by these practices should speak out and make complaints with the Arizona Attorney General’s Office through their website. Also, the state’s website,, has constantly updated information about reproductive rights and relevant laws, which can help people who are trying to find their way through these rough seas.

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