Adoption Agency Calls for Action as Haitian Orphans Face Kidnapping Threats


According to a metro Atlanta adoption company, 101 Haitian orphans who were supposed to be adopted by families in the United States are now stranded in the nation due to upheaval and violence.

“He’s an excellent child. Alinna Mehaffie stated, “He’s been waiting a long time and still has a lot of hope that he’ll be here someday.”

She says they’ve been waiting for Zachary, 15, to join their family for five years.

Mehaffie urged FOX 5 not to show a current picture of Zachary for fear that gangs would kidnap him for ransom.

Mehaffie met Zachary in 2016 while on tour with the Love Him, Love Them Haitian Orphan Choir. FOX 5 stated that they were stranded in Georgia due to Hurricane Matthew.

Zachary is currently stranded in Haiti, unable to join his adopted family due to the country’s upheaval.

“This isn’t just another story in the news. I’m only trying to help my child. That worry is quite real. And I think the maternal instinct to want to protect him but not be able to because he’s just at the mercy of what’s going on there is very frightening,” Mehaffie said.

Linda Gunter is the volunteer CEO and founder of Love Him Love Them, the organization that facilitates the adoption.

She is concerned that with tales of Haitian government buildings being looted, gangs may discover these children’s records and target them for kidnapping.

“A gang member thinks, ‘OK, now I’ve got information on a child linked to an American citizen.'” As a result, they are among the most likely to be kidnapped,” Gunter explained.

She claims that following the 2010 earthquake, the US State Department evacuated children who were ready for adoption.

“The US government can make this happen since they did it previously. Everyone who was planned for adoption at the time was granted humanitarian parole and released,” Gunter explained.

FOX 5 asked the State Department if they would do so in this case. A spokesman replied with a statement that reads:

“We recognize how challenging the situation is for Haitian families pursuing motherhood through adoption. The Department of State will continue to engage with U.S. adoptive families and adoption service providers about recent changes, and we will evaluate the situation as it evolves.

“We are collaborating with the Haitian government to determine options for children at various stages of the adoption process, and we are responding to individual inquiries from Adoption Service Providers and parents.”

“Limited consular services may be available as we assess the level of consular staffing that will remain at the embassy. The Department will continue to communicate with Haitian adoption authorities.

“Prospective adoptive parents should maintain regular contact with their adoption service providers in the United States.”

“Prospective adoptive parents are encouraged to enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) at to receive updates about the situation in Haiti as circumstances change.”

Maheffie simply wants her son to return home to his new family safe and sound.

“This keeps me awake at night. “It breaks my heart that he is there and afraid,” she stated.

She did, however, mention a few things you can do to help. First, Gunter and Maheffie are urging people to sign an online petition and contact the State Department at [email protected].

They also encourage individuals to contact their elected leaders to express their support for bringing these children to the United States.

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