A Small Town in Florida Has Suddenly Become the Fifth Most Dangerous in the State


Florida is a beautiful state with lots of sunny beaches and exciting nightlife. But lately, the news has been full of bad news about a small town in Florida. Miami Beach used to be associated with luxury and fun, but now it’s the fifth most dangerous place in the state, which is very scary.

This quick change has left people and the government asking important questions: What caused this change, and what can be done to stop the violence?

Unveiling Statistics

Miami Beach has a high level of violent crime, with 1,059 incidences per 100,000 population. This is significantly higher than the national average, by 2.7 times, and four times higher than the state average.

Robberies, automobile break-ins, and assaults are the most common crimes in Miami Beach. Tourists and those enjoying the nightlife are frequently the victims of these crimes. To stay secure, you must remain watchful, particularly at night, and aware of your surroundings.

What Are the Most Common Types of Crimes in Miami Beach?

The most common sort of crime in Miami Beach is property crime, with theft being the most widespread. In 2019, property crimes accounted for over 89% of all offenses in Miami Beach, much exceeding the national average. The most common types of property crimes reported in the city are larceny, burglary, and vehicle theft.

Larceny, or theft without the use of force, was the most common property crime in Miami Beach, with 6,394 instances per 100,000 residents. Burglary, defined as unauthorized entry into a building with the intent to commit a crime, and motor vehicle theft were also common property crimes in the area. Overall, property crimes dominate the crime scene in Miami Beach, indicating a troubling trend in the city’s safety record.

What is the Crime Rate Trend in Miami Beach During the Last Few Years?

Miami Beach’s crime rate has fluctuated throughout the last few years. In 2016, the crime rate was 1008.96 per 100,000 people, which dropped to 954.94 in 2017 and 937.28 in 2018.

This decreased trend reflects a minor improvement in overall crime rates throughout the years. However, it is important to highlight that, despite changes, Miami Beach continues to confront obstacles in maintaining lower crime rates, particularly in property crimes such as larceny, burglary, and vehicle theft.

What’s the Crime Rate in Other Popular Tourist Destinations in Florida?

Other prominent tourist sites in Florida have varying crime rates, with each having its own set of statistics.

For example, Miami Beach has a crime rate of 9632 per 100,000 people, which is 314.41% higher than the national average, making it one of the state’s most crime-ridden communities. In terms of violent crime, Miami Beach has a rate of 50.2, which is more than double the national average of 22.7, suggesting a high degree of violent crime.

When evaluating various tourist sites in Florida, it is critical to evaluate statistics such as the total crime rate, violent crime rate, and property crime rate to determine the overall safety of these areas. Unfortunately, the available sources do not provide precise crime rate information for other prominent tourist sites in Florida.

However, visitors and residents alike must be informed of the crime rates in these areas to take essential precautions and secure their safety when visiting these dynamic places.

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In conclusion, Miami Beach’s recent increase in crime rates, notably violent and property crimes, has generated serious worries about the area’s safety. While general crime rates have improved slightly over the years, the incidence of crimes such as theft and assault is still concerning, necessitating additional attention and precautionary measures.

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