A Mother Who Was Put Into A Coma Minutes After Giving Birth Talks About Her Recovery


Soon after giving birth, a woman in Ohio fell into a coma. After being told she had a fetal fluid embolism, Ashley Zinn was only given a 30% chance to live.

A lot of new moms will say that the first few weeks are hard to remember. Ashley doesn’t even remember it.

She said, “I remember telling the staff I’m going to die.”

Ashley started having chest pain 15 minutes after giving birth to her son Parker.

Ashley said, “The last thing I remember is being taken to CT.”

An amniotic fluid embolism was found and she was put into a medically induced coma. This is a rare problem that can happen during birth.

“Someone finally came back and told us that her vital signs were dropping all the time on the ventilator and that we need to put her on life support right away or she won’t make it tonight,” Alex, Ashley’s husband, said.

Dr.s said Ashley had only a 30% chance of living.

Dr. Debbie Rohner, who is in charge of the cardiovascular ICU at Bethesda North Hospital, said, “She was minutes to hours away from dying.” “Her heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, and blood system all stopped working.”

Alex had to choose between taking care of their new son and living with his wife in the ICU.

Alex said, “It was definitely hard to be there for both him and Ashley at the same time.” “At that time, I knew she needed me more.”

Ashley began to make improvements little by little. She also had her baby with her. She should be able to fully heal. It’s a miracle, say the doctors.

Alex said, “Every day I thank God for giving us another day together.” “In the blink of an eye, you don’t really understand how short life is.”

Ashley remembers the very first moments she woke up and saw Parker again.

“I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, I just went through all this, and he looks just like my husband,'” Ashley reported.

Even though Ashley didn’t think it would be this sweet, the first month as a family of three has been anything but.

Chelsea said, “I would do it all over again for him.” Being a mom has always been my dream since I was a little girl.

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