A Blood Center Requests That Hospitals Postpone Elective Procedures Because Of The Severe Blood Scarcity


Due to a severe shortage of blood, a blood center that feeds hospitals in Georgia is advising them to postpone elective surgery for a few days.

A nonprofit regional blood center called Blood Assurance provides services to counties in Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, North Carolina, and North Carolina.

In order to replenish their inventory, they advise the hospitals they work with to postpone elective surgery until at least Wednesday, January 24.

According to Blood Assurance, the scarcity is brought on by both an increase in emergency need from many large-scale blood transfusions in the last 24 hours and a marked decline in blood donations as a result of the current cold weather.

As of Thursday afternoon, Blood Assurance reported that they have less than a half-day’s supply of most blood types on hand.

This weekend, a lot of donation locations that are typically closed on weekends were open to accept more donations.

“It’s crucial to remember that this serves as the community’s blood supply,” Dr. Liz Culler, president and CEO of Blood Assurance, stated. The guardian of the blood units is Blood Assurance. It is the responsibility of the general population to ensure that hospitals treating patients with severe illnesses and catastrophic injuries have a sufficient supply. Right now more than ever, we need you.

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