A 5-year-old Receives A Life-saving Liver Transplant From His Mother At Upmc Children’s Hospital


PITTSBURGH—A 5-year-old girl from Alabama came to Pittsburgh to get a liver donation from a very special donor that would save her life.

Adleigh Byce had to have a graft after being told she had biliary atresia when she was seven weeks old. UPMC said she was in and out of the hospital but doing fine until it was decided she needed a liver transplant.

Haley, Adleigh’s nurse mother, knew that a liver transplant from a living donor was the best choice for her daughter. Because of this, Adleigh wouldn’t have to go on the waiting list, and people can have transplants earlier when they are healthier.

Haley took the test and found out she was a good fit.

“I feel like I did what any mom would do,” she stated.

UPMC Children’s Hospital was chosen by the family after they did study and got recommendations.

“The pros are greater than the cons.” She said, “I was so scared and nervous, but now I’m glad it’s over and we can move on with our lives.”

Adleigh and Haley are both doing very well after the surgery on February 21. It was the 200th living donor liver donation at UPMC Children’s Hospital.

Adleigh is making big plans now that she feels better. She wrote down everything she wanted to do at UPMC Children’s: “Ride my bike, play with my dog, my Barbie dolls, my baby dolls, and maybe go swim in the pool.”

The Adleigh family wants to get back to Alabama as soon as possible. Adleigh also wants to get back to the beauty pageants she loves.

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