These Top 7 Restaurants Serve the Best Pizza in Chicago, Illinois


Get lost in the world of Chicago’s famous pizza, where each slice tells a story of tradition, skill, and bold tastes. The pizza is a culinary wonder in a city known for its beautiful buildings.

Come with us on a tasty tour of the busy streets of Chicago as we learn about the secrets behind the city’s famous pizza.

This list of the “Best Pizza in Chicago” will make your mouth water as you learn about the Windy City’s pizza skills. It includes both deep-dish and classic thin-crust treats.

1. Spacca Napoli Pizzeria in Chicago

Spacca Napoli is a Chicago pizza establishment with an unusual design. It serves real Naples-style pizza. You have the option of ordering takeout or having it delivered.

They also offer delicious cannolis. Aside from pizza, they also have an extensive wine range. Their wines are chosen to match the atmosphere. The nicest thing is that they throw out complimentary cannolis as you leave.

2. Bonci Pizzeria in Chicago

Bonci Pizzeria is a pizza restaurant in Chicago, Illinois. This pizzeria is well-known for its Roman-style al Taglio pizza. This iconic Chicago eatery is known for its doughy foldable crust.

The menu of Bonci’s Chicago outlet includes options other than the customary toppings. Customers may select from traditional pizzas as well as innovative combinations, including vegetarian and vegan alternatives. Customers can also order Roman-style rice and pasta balls packed with cheese for a change of pace.

3. Giordano’s Pizza in Chicago

One of the best places in Chicago to get deep-dish pizza is Giordano’s Pizza. The eatery has been in the same family since 1974 and serves traditional Italian food.

You can now find Giordano’s in 59 places in Florida and the Chicago area. On the menu, you can also find pasta, fresh soups, burgers, and many other things.

These Top 7 Restaurants Serve the Best Pizza in Chicago, Illinois

The best products are used at Giordano’s Pizza in Chicago. The pizza sauce is made from tomatoes grown in Mendocino County, and the cheese is made in Wisconsin. It has a thin, crispy skin.

4. Lou Malnati’s Pizza in Chicago

One of the most well-known names in Chicago-style pizza is Lou Malnati’s. This pizza place has been around since 1971 and is run by a family.

The company has 38 places for delivery and takeout, as well as some full-service restaurants in the Chicago area. There are different kinds of deep-dish pizzas on the menu. It also has a big salad, which is a great meal for the whole family.

5. Gino’s East in Chicago

Gino’s East is a well-known pizza place in Chicago. While the company is known for its deep-dish pizza, it also has a great selection of appetizers and a good range of beers and drinks.

It’s one of the oldest pizza chains in the country, having been open for more than 50 years. Two cab drivers, George Loverde and Fred Bartoli, opened it. Gino’s East also has a great collection of soups, salads, and starters. A favorite of theirs is their tomato sauce.

6. Pequod’s Pizza in Chicago

People from all over the world have loved Pequod’s Pizza in Chicago for more than 40 years. One of the five best pizza places in the US has been named it.

People in this area know this place for its deep-dish pizza with a browned base. There are a lot of toppings, and the cheese is spread out thickly. Pequod’s Pizza is a mix of deep-dish pizza from Chicago and pizza from Detroit.

The pan-style crust has a ring of baked mozzarella cheese around it. A round cast iron pan is used to cook the pizza just right.

7. Pizano’s Pizza & Pasta in Chicago

Pizza place Pizano’s Pizza & Pasta is a modern pizzeria that serves tasty pizza with a lot of zip. From spaghetti and meatballs to cheesy garlic bread, they have it all on their menu.

There is even a full bar. Many people in the area love this place because it’s both relaxed and classy. On busy Michigan Avenue in Chicago, you can find this restaurant. You can get something to eat or hold an event there.

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