Discover the Top 7 Must-try Hot Dog Spots in Indiana Serving Up Deliciousness


Join us on a flavorful journey through the heartland, exploring the renowned hot dog stands that dot Indiana’s gastronomic landscape. From bustling cities to quiet communities, the Hoosier State has a fascinating collection of enterprises that elevate the ordinary hot dog to an art form.

Whether you want the simple simplicity of a flawlessly grilled frankfurter or inventive toppings that reinvent this American classic, Indiana’s hot dog joints offer a savory adventure for both enthusiasts and food experts. Join us as we explore the charm and scrumptious options that have made these hot dog stands an essential part of Indiana’s culinary identity.

1. DJ’s Hot Dog Co.

If you’re looking for the best hot dog in Indianapolis, IN, DJ’s is the place to go. Their broad range of sandwiches and other food products attracts both locals and visitors, who rave about the quality of the ingredients and service. The eatery also serves some unique variations on the basic hot dog. For example, they offer a unique bun that does not resemble a conventional hot dog bun; it has an aperture in the middle that may be filled with one of several sauces.

2. Fat Dan’s Deli

Fat Dan’s Deli has an outstanding selection and is regarded as one of Indianapolis’ best delis. It serves a variety of hot dogs, including Chicago and beef dogs. You can add toppings such as chili or cheese for an additional fee. Customers have commended the staff’s friendliness and the delicious meals at an incredible price.

3. Chicago Beef & Dog Company

Chicago Beef and Dog Company is the perfect place to get a real hot dog experience that you won’t find anywhere else in Indianapolis. What used to be a Chinese take-out has been turned into a welcoming burger and hot dog restaurant with freshly fresh-cut fries for everyone to enjoy. The best part? This restaurant is open to the public for lunch and dinner.

4. Garcia’s Hot Dogs

Garcia’s serves the best hot dogs in Indianapolis. This Eastside cart has been selling excellent dogs at 16th and Emerson since 2011, making it a neighborhood staple. In addition to standard dishes, they serve specialized delicacies such as chili dogs and bacon-wrapped brats. Garcia will always serve it with a grin, regardless of what you order.

5. Fort Wayne’s Famous Coney

For more than a century, The Coney Stand has been serving wonderful hot dogs and hand-chopping pounds of onions every day, proving that good old-fashioned goodness never goes out of style. Though it’s a modest place, the menu includes everything from hamburgers to chili soup and even pies of the day! Since 1914, this family-owned restaurant has pleased generations of satisfied customers with its delectable cuisine.

6. Louie’s Coney Island

Louie’s Coney Island in Kokomo is a popular local hangout run by a family. It serves wonderful baked goods and coney dogs, as well as other homemade favorites such as tenderloins and burgers. This restaurant is famous for its coney sauce, which is made of ground beef, mustard, and onions. Their chili and cheese-topped hot dogs are certainly worth trying!

7. Portillo’s, Merrillville

Portillo’s, located in Century Plaza in Merrillville, is a Chicago-based chain that serves hot dogs, Italian beef, burgers, salads, and double-layer chocolate cake. Portillo’s serves the ideal hot dog in a sleeve, as well as other delightful options such as Italian sausages and cheese fries. Portillo’s has been established for nearly 50 years and earned the nickname “house of hot dogs,” beginning with a modest trailer in 1963.


Discover Indiana’s famous hot dog stands on a tasty tour of the heartland. Indiana offers a diverse collection of businesses that raise the hot dog to an art form in bustling cities and peaceful towns.

Indiana’s hot dog joints offer a tasty experience for foodies and experts, from perfectly grilled frankfurters to creative toppings. Let’s explore the charm and delicious alternatives that have made these hot dog vendors part of Indiana’s culinary character.

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