5 Places You Can’t Park in New Jersey


We’ve all been there – returning to our parked car after a delightful day of shopping or a scrumptious dinner, only to find a dreaded parking ticket perched on our windshield. It’s an experience that can quickly turn a good day sour. Many of us have risked parking in spots where we probably shouldn’t have, only to face the consequences in the form of a fine.

Understanding the Parking Landscape in the Garden State

New Jersey, often dubbed the Garden State, is no exception when it comes to stringent parking regulations. According to insights from medium.com, the majority of parking tickets in this state are issued for violations in pedestrian safety zones and crosswalks. To stay on the right side of the law and avoid fines, traffic ticket attorneys recommend steering clear of parking within 20 feet of the end of a safety zone.

Five Forbidden Parking Spots in New Jersey

No-go Zone: Fire Hydrants

One of the cardinal sins of parking in New Jersey is stopping too close to fire hydrants. It’s a safety precaution designed to ensure easy access for firefighters during emergencies. Ignoring this rule could not only result in a hefty fine but also jeopardize public safety.

Overpasses: A Red Light for Parking

Bridges, tunnels, and overpasses are picturesque structures but terrible choices for parking spots in New Jersey. The ban on parking in these areas is not just about aesthetics; it’s a matter of safety and traffic flow. Parking on overpasses can impede the smooth movement of vehicles and lead to congestion.

Double Trouble: No Double Parking

New Jersey’s busy roads are no place for double parking. The prohibition on double parking is in place to prevent disruptions to traffic flow. It’s a rule that makes sense, as any obstruction on these bustling roads can quickly escalate into a traffic nightmare.

Pedestrian Priority: Stay Clear of Crosswalks

Pedestrian safety is a top priority in the Garden State. Parking in pedestrian safety zones and crosswalks is strictly forbidden to ensure the unobstructed movement of foot traffic. Violating this rule not only incurs fines but also poses risks to pedestrians navigating these areas.

Construction Zones: Keep Moving, No Parking

Construction zones are a temporary inconvenience that calls for extra caution. Parking near construction sites is prohibited to prevent potential hazards. Your parked car might impede traffic flow and pose dangers to other vehicles navigating through these active work zones.

Unveiling the Logic Behind the Bans

Understanding the rationale behind these parking restrictions sheds light on their necessity. Construction zones, for instance, demand a clear pathway for ongoing work, minimizing traffic disruptions and potential hazards. Similarly, the prohibition on double parking is a strategic move to maintain the smooth flow of vehicles on New Jersey’s bustling roads.

The Price of Parking Violations

New Jersey is notorious for high parking ticket fines, and the penalties vary based on the type of violation. Parking in a forbidden zone can lead to a significant dent in your wallet. It’s crucial to be aware of these regulations to avoid the financial burden and inconvenience of dealing with fines.

Local Knowledge

Navigating New Jersey’s parking regulations requires more than just a general awareness of state laws. Local ordinances play a pivotal role, and it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the specific rules in your area. Pay attention to signage and other indicators to ensure you’re not inadvertently violating any parking regulations.

In Summary

If you find yourself uncertain about parking regulations or facing a ticket, don’t hesitate to seek guidance. Local police departments can provide information, and consulting with legal professionals specializing in traffic matters can offer valuable insights. Knowing your rights and responsibilities is the first step towards avoiding parking pitfalls in the Garden State.

While the allure of a convenient parking spot might be tempting, New Jerseyans are well-advised to adhere to the rules and regulations governing parking. Steering clear of forbidden zones ensures a smoother, ticket-free journey through the Garden State’s bustling streets.

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