Discover Top 5 Most Worst Neighborhoods in Pennsylvania: A List of High-crime Areas


Pennsylvania has a rich history, culture, and natural beauty, but not all areas of the state are safe or enjoyable. Some communities suffer from high crime rates, poverty, and social difficulties, making them less appealing. According to current FBI data and other sources, the following are the five worst neighborhoods in Pennsylvania:

1. Darby, Delaware County

Darby, a community in Delaware County near Philadelphia, has made Pennsylvania’s list of worst neighborhoods. With a population of around 10,000 people, it has a high crime rate and ranks safer than only 3% of cities in the country.

In Darby, the chances of becoming a victim of a violent crime are 1 in 49, while property offenses are 1 in 15. Darby also has a high poverty rate (28%), which is more than twice the state average.

2. Camden, NJ

Camden, while not legally a part of Pennsylvania, is located close to the river from Philadelphia. It has a tremendous impact on Pennsylvania’s criminal statistics. Camden is the most dangerous city in New Jersey and one of the most dangerous in the nation. It is home to about 74,000 people and has a long history of social and economic problems, such as poverty, unemployment, corruption, and violence.

Camden has a very high crime rate, making it safer than 0% of other cities in the United States. In Camden, the chances of becoming a victim of a violent crime are 1 in 34, while property crimes are 1 in 12. Furthermore, Camden has a 38% poverty rate, which is more than double the state average.

3. Chester, Delaware County

Chester, located in Delaware County, has experienced an uptick in violence in recent years. Despite some great elements, it is unquestionably a dangerous place to live. According to law enforcement data, Chester has 1.4 violent offenses per 100 residents.

Residents of Chester have a 1 in 71 probability of becoming victims of violent crime and a 1 in 23 chance of encountering property crime. In addition, Chester has a high poverty rate of 37%, which is more than double the state average.

4. East Allegheny, Pittsburgh

East Allegheny, often known as Deutschtown, is a historic neighborhood in Pittsburgh’s North Side. It was formerly a thriving German community, but today it is regarded as one of the city’s riskier districts.

The crime rate here is 76% greater than the Pennsylvania average, with 3,578 occurrences per 100,000 inhabitants. While it is not the most hazardous area in the city, it does have violent crimes such as assaults, robberies, and the odd gunshot.

5. McKees Rocks, Allegheny County

McKees Rocks, sometimes known as “The Rocks,” is a borough in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, noted for its high crime rate. Despite its tiny population of 5,920, McKees Rocks has a rather high crime rate of 6,409 per 100,000 people. In McKees Rocks, your chances of being a victim of a property crime are one in every 21.22. The most common crimes in this region are theft, burglary, and car theft.


Pennsylvania, despite its rich history and various landscapes, struggles with regions of high crime and socioeconomic issues. Darby, Camden, Chester, East Allegheny, and McKees Rocks have high crime rates, poverty, and safety problems. These concerns highlight the significance of resolving social and economic gaps to improve community well-being and promote safer settings throughout the state.

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