Discover 5 Most Dangerous Places in South Dakota for 2024: A Roadsnacks Report


If you like Pierre’s Capital Journal and have read the Crime and Courts section, you’ll know what many South Dakotans already know: this central state has some scary places.

Perhaps the poverty, the lack of job opportunities, or the boredom of the fields are to blame. What is going on is made up of all of these things and more. Here is RoadSnacks’ list of the most dangerous places in South Dakota for 2022. Read it before you do something that could change your life.

There are some dangerous places in Mount Rushmore State. How did we pick them? We were based on facts. We carefully looked at data from the most recent FBI crime report for 29 places with populations of 2,000 or more. For each place, we looked at serious and property crime rates.

No matter what, we can say for sure that you should check out the list below of the most dangerous places in South Dakota. You never know what you might find.

1. Rapid City

Rapid City (also known as the “Gateway to the Black Hills”) is one of the most active cities in South Dakota. It is home to 78,492 people. This city, which is the second most populous in South Dakota, is where tourists who come to see Mount Rushmore and Deadwood start their adventures.

Rapid City has the highest crime rate in the state, even though the city is very friendly to tourists. 108 rapes and 13 murders are among the 673 violent crimes and 3,137 property crimes that happen in this place every year. People who visit or live there should be extra careful.

Even though these numbers are scary, Rapid City is a booming metropolis that offers a unique mix of city comforts and beautiful natural scenery.

2. Chamberlain

The South Dakota Hall of Fame is in a town on the Missouri River that is known for its long past and beautiful scenery. There is a dark side to this town of 2,364 people, though. With 16 serious crimes (including 3 rapes) and 76 property crimes per year, it is one of the second most dangerous places in the state.

Even with all of these issues, Chamberlain still has something that makes people want to come here. Their peaceful way of life gives them a taste of history.

3. Pierre

Pierre is both the main city of South Dakota and a well-known city center. Even though only 13,888 people are living there, it still has 413 property crimes and 128 serious crimes each year.

As the state capital, Pierre is very active in politics and is home to many state government offices. The city has a lovely small-town feel thanks to its historic buildings and beautiful river views, which help to balance out the alarming crime rates.

4. Yankton

Yankton is an old town on the Missouri River that is home to 14,712 people. But there is a problem: there is a lot of crime in the city—the fourth most in South Dakota. In one year, 474 reports of property crimes and 83 reports of serious crimes were made.

No matter what these numbers say, Yankton is still an important part of South Dakota’s history as one of the first towns to settle in the area. Tourists like the city’s many outdoor sports and historical places these days.

5. Sioux Falls

Sioux Falls is the biggest city in South Dakota, with about 187,370 people living there. The city also has its share of crime, which is a shame. The area is ranked #4 in the state for safety, with 1,120 serious crimes and 4,259 property crimes in a year.

But these numbers don’t change the fact that Sioux Falls is a city that is thriving and growing. It’s a great place to live and visit because it has lots of parks and green spaces, a lively city area, and a thriving arts scene.


The FBI’s 2022 list of most dangerous areas in South Dakota includes cities with high crime rates. Rapid City has 108 rapes and 13 homicides each year, despite its popularity with Mount Rushmore tourists. Chamberlain, famed for its history and beauty, has 16 serious and 76 property crimes every year.

Pierre, the state capital, has 413 properties and 128 severe crimes yearly. History-rich Yankton faces 474 property crimes and 83 severe crimes annually. Despite its growth, Sioux Falls, the largest city, has 1,120 severe crimes and 4,259 property offenses. Each town is unique, but crime statistics are alarming, so residents and tourists should be careful.

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